Build, Manage and Activate your Influencer Community 

The world’s leading brands use their Influencer Communities as their most powerful marketing asset. Explore how InfluencerDB helps you to unleash the power of your own Influencer Community!

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Join these global leaders that build, manage and activate their Influencer Communities with our support.

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Build your Influencer Community

Build your proprietary influencer database! Form a strong network of creators and superfans that are committed to supporting your business. We empower you to build your influencer community through inbound and outbound so you can utilize every single supporter in your network to the fullest.

Use your Influencer Community as your brand‘s most powerful marketing asset!

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Manage your Influencer Community

Your knowledge and experiences with influencers are a strong competitive advantage! Secure this asset by managing your contacts and campaigns effortlessly in one location. Enrich your network with valuable information and data in a cloud-based system that keeps your asset safe forever – even when your team rotates. Make crucial information on your contacts and campaigns accessible for any team member, at any point in time, from any location.

Your data warehouse for all things influencers!

Activate your Influencer Community

Activate your community members with Campaigns, your Project Management Tool to orchestrate your partners, deliverables and budgets. Store relevant KPIs in one place, facilitate your campaign reporting and maximize your team’s efficiency. Automate tedious tasks and use your time to get closer to your influencer community day by day.

Unleash the full potential of your Influencer Community!

Activate Influencer Community

Are you with an Agency, an SMB or an Enterprise?

No matter your team size or marketing budget – our software covers your needs and supports your daily processes, so you can focus on what matters most: Building strong influencer partnerships and unleashing the power of your community!

Get ahead of your competitors and never lose another RFP.

  • Deliver results that create retention
  • Maximize efficiency and enable your team to achieve more in less time
  • Outshine your competitors with your dedicated influencer network
  • Use your influencer network as a powerful asset to acquire new business

Manage your campaigns from beginning to end without stressing the team.

  • Manage and protect your marketing investments
  • Easy access software for your whole team
  • Measure success quickly and easily
  • Scale the number of campaigns as needed

Collaborate with multiple departments, no matter the location or size of the team.

  • Manage campaigns at scale
  • Significantly reduce the risk of your influencer investments
  • Standardize KPIs of success across the organization
  • Build and own your influencer network and expand your programs

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