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Keeping a clear head while planning and executing your influencer marketing campaign can be challenging. Do you ever get lost or overwhelmed with your influencer marketing campaigns?

It happens to the best of us – we have an incredible idea, the research to back it up, and a strategic plan. Everything seems to run smoothly, and suddenly we get off track because of one missed detail or step along the way. 

InfluencerDB has compiled a cheat sheet of 10 must-do steps for making your next influencer marketing campaign as successful and predictable as possible.

1 Define your problem statement

This might sound dull, but before anything else, you need to pin-point your brand’s problem. For example, have you experienced a decrease in sales? A reputation crisis? Stagnating of social media growth or engagement? Are you losing your customer-base? 

Clearly identifying your problem will help you define your goals and desired outcomes. Ask yourself: What solution does influencer marketing provide for your brand? Which of the following does apply to your individual case?

  • I want to create awareness and attract a new audience
  • I want to drive conversions
  • I want to increase brand engagement
  • I want to improve the brand image and reputation

Once you have a clear idea of your desired outcomes, you’ll find it easier to define your campaign objectives and execute accordingly. In a nutshell, you need a clear understanding of the metrics that matter most to you and your campaign.

2 Choose the strategy for your influencer marketing campaign

After defining the problem, you must have a clear understanding of the strategy most suitable to your goals. Here are three of the most popular strategies for influencer marketing:

  • Influencer advertising is often used as a short-term solution to create awareness
  • Influencer marketing can be short-term and long-term and is implemented to drive sales but also to build your brand
  • Influencer Relations is a long-term approach and an eligible strategy for authentic brand image management

Of course, success depends on other factors like your available budget and bandwidth. Keep these limitations and your defined brand problem in mind to, have a clearer idea of why you might choose one strategy over another. If you worry one strategy might not be enough, you can also combine them. Don’t limit yourself if you have all the opportunities at your disposal.

3 Identify and vet potential partners

Do you have a clear understanding of who you’re targeting with your influencer marketing, what the core interests of your audience are, what motivates them to action? 

The third step in our Must-Do’s of influencer marketing campaigns is where most people start: the identification of the perfect influencer who reaches your specific target audience effectively. 

But don’t be fooled by a nice aesthetic! Know what metrics to look out for to identify fake or fraudulent influencers. Prior to making any financial commitments, you will want to:

  • Check the audience quality to analyze the value of an influencer’s follower base
  • Review an influencer’s follower growth rate and Like Follower Ratio
  • Consider an influencer’s Estimated Reach (rather than assuming all of their followers will see your sponsored post)

4 Conduct a qualitative analysis for your brand fit 

After checking KPIs like engagement rate, audience quality, estimated reach, and anything else quantitative that applies to your vetting process, you will want your future influencers to pass a human audit as well.

Metrics are inevitable but a few things need a qualitative analysis and your own personal gut feeling. We advise reviewing the influencer’s tone of voice, diction, creative streak, and the sentiment of comments the influencer receives on each post. Does that match your own brand identity? Do activist statements potentially put your brand at risk? Has your best prospective influencer recently posted about your competitor? A good qualitative brand fit is just as important as a good quantitative match, and the best influencer marketers bridge this divide with precision.

5 Plan savvy tactics that match your strategy 

You’ve clarified your obstacles and desired outcomes, defined your strategy and know which influencer(s) you would like to work with. Now’s time to get creative. You need a set of different tactics that will breathe life into your chosen strategy. 

What are the ideal tactics for your influencer marketing campaign? Decide whether you want to use storytelling, unboxing videos, contests and product giveaways or you would rather host an exclusive event for influencers to talk about instead.

For ideas, consider referencing high-performing Instagram posts using the Influencer Community Management Software’s Monitoring capabilities.

6 Structure your Influencer Proposal 

Most influencers are down to earth and seem quite approachable due to their continuous media presence. Nevertheless, unless you found someone completely undiscovered, chances are you aren’t the only person approaching the influencer with an opportunity. 

Regardless of an influencer’s brand or aesthetic, you should err on the side of being professional by planning a savvy and well-structured influencer proposal. We all know how important first impressions are, and your initial outreach could determine the influencer’s decision to collaborate with your brand or not. 

Additional considerations include who you are talking to – is it the influencer, an influencer marketing agency or associate management? Individualize your proposal and show your honest interest in the influencer’s work. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a little extra!

7 Write up your Influencer Brief 

After getting an influencer interested in your campaign, you will need to share an influencer brief. These exist to reduce risk, avoid undesirable influencer postings, and to make the partnership legally binding. 

Be as clear as possible in your influencer briefing, and include all important information such as campaign details and messages that influencers need to follow. If you are not concise, you’ll risk an influencer accidentally sharing misleading messaging about your brand, products, and/or campaign. 

Make sure to include posting guidelines for the influencers, agree on a specific number of postings, and clarify the hashtags that need to be used – including all necessary FTC disclosures. Last but not least: you must include the contract amount and timeline for your campaign.

8 Stay organized, especially as you include multiple influencers 

Keeping all necessary data and documents in one place helps you to stay organized and on top of your game plan, especially as more people get involved with your influencer marketing campaign. 

With the Influencer Community Management Software, you can securely store your data and access it from wherever you go. You can share essential campaign data with your team and have influencer contacts readily available. This simplifies your work stages, is time-efficient, and makes collaborative work in a global team easier. Now manage your running influencer marketing campaign step by step.

9 Be prepared for potential crises 

Working with influencers carries an inherent risk because influencers are just people — they can behave unpredictably or change their opinions and attitudes without warning. Ideally, you can eliminate any potential roadblocks with your vetting and Influencer Briefs. Regardless, it’s important to stay calm and expect the unexpected.

This applies to your target audience, too. Unforeseeable events can quickly shift the climate within your community. 

You must track and monitor all engagements with your campaign to identify and react to potential adversity. Crises can occur for several reasons: human error, current events, bad luck, and everything in between. That’s why you must listen to your community, proactively engage, and respond deliberately.

10 Evaluate the success of your campaign 

No matter if the campaign is still running or has already come to an end. You must continuously track your outputs, and outcomes, to measure the success of your campaign. You will need the reporting to identify the best influencers for you. This way you can decide whether you have any interest in establishing a long-term influencer relation to one of the influencers you collaborated with. 

InfluencerDB campaign manager

Bring your campaign to a close or communicate your interest for further collaborations. 

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