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Guest post by Anton Ha

Anyone who is active on Social Media knows that influencers are pretty much the most important part when it comes to promoting a brand on Instagram. There are barely any Social Media campaigns that do not involve an influencer in some way or another. That is exactly why influencers usually have a management that helps them coordinate all their business work. The times when Influencer Marketing just meant working on a professional base for a short period of time are long gone. Today, it is all about working on a more personal level and aiming for long term partnerships between the influencer and the brand. 

The people working behind the scenes are usually the influencer marketers. To perfectly coordinate the brand’s wishes and the influencer’s needs, the influencer marketer operating the campaign needs several skills to ensure success.

1. Empathy

When working with brands and influencers at the same time, every person that is involved might have different opinions on important matters. Several worlds are colliding and not everyone might have an understanding for the opinions of the others. That is when the influencer marketer needs to step in and try and get everyone on common grounds and to understand the opinions to find a solution that works for everyone involved.

2. Social Media Overview

This one is pretty common knowledge when working in Social Media. However, it takes so much more than just knowing the basics. As an influencer marketer, you have to know pretty much everything that is going on on Social Media. You need to be completely informed about the current situation of the influencer you are working with because that is one of the keys to successful influencer marketing: Taking the situation your influencer is currently in and combining it with whatever they are promoting. That way, authenticity can be ensured. That also involves knowing which brand works best with which influencer.

3. Professionalism

This is obviously something that everyone should have. In influencer marketing however, it goes a little deeper than that. The influencer you are working with should always be your first priority when it comes to your job. You might not agree with everything they do and you might also not like the brand’s offer they make for working with the influencer, but the key to success is to always stay professional and handle things in a respectful manner, while also giving the influencer your best advice.

4. Good communication

Communication is probably the most important thing when it comes to working as an influencer marketer. You should be in constant communication with both the brand and the influencer at all times to avoid misunderstandings and to solve problems immediately. That way it can be assured that nothing goes wrong and that the campaign can run smoothly. It is also important to function as the mediator between the brand and the influencer because the marketer is the only one involved that is able to understand both sides.

5. A feel for trends

Social Media is a very dynamic and fast paced industry. The winners however, are usually the ones that detect trends before anyone else and start creating content for that particular trend before anyone else. That is why influencer marketers should try to be one of the first people to detect a trend and tell their clients about it so they can hop on and try to use that new trend for something individual and specific to them. 

6. Structure

As an Influencer Marketer it is part of your job to plan and organise the cooperations and events of your influencers. That is why it is very important to keep track of everything and structure your client’s day, so they can focus on being creative.

7. Flexibility

Everything was planned out very thoughtfully, but then something happened and all the previous plans are history? That should be no problem for an influencer marketer. In influencer marketing, it is not a rare occasion that things do not work out the way they were originally planned. Brand deals should always work with the current situation, though. That is why it is so important for an influencer marketer to be able to act fast and always be flexible.

8. Creativity

Creativity is something that is very important for an influencer marketer. Although the influencer is supposed to be the creative part, there is always the possibility of an occasion where they cannot fulfill their own creativity. That is when the marketer has to step in and take over the part of the creative mind. 

9. Personal connection

Influencer marketing today is all about working on a personal level and aiming for long term partnerships between the influencer and the brand, but also between the marketer and the influencer. That is why it is so important to be deeply connected with the influencer to know what they like and what might bother them. 

10. Marketing Know How

Last but not least and certainly one of the most important skills: Influencer marketers need to know their fair share of Online Marketing and Social Media. Without that, they would not be able to help their clients or negotiate with brands. In order to fulfill all the other skills, this one is the key to success.

Influencer marketers are usually the ones holding it all together behind the scenes. The influencers themselves are obviously the ones that make a brand deal work. The influencer marketers, however, are the ones that negotiate with the brand beforehand and handle everything while the cooperation is still going. Therefore, they need to have these ten skills to ensure the success of their influencers.

Anton Ha is one of the four founders of Influencer Marketing Agency lookfamed, in which he functions as the CEO. Lookfamed was founded in 2016 and is a Full-Service Agency focused on Blogger Management, Social Media Consulting, Campaign Management, Design and Event Management. The agency holds exclusive contracts with over twenty influencers and regularly works with some of the most successful German influencers. Find lookfamed on LinkedIn.

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