5 Must-Follow Influencer Couples – A Tale of Insta Husbands and Influencer Weddings

Instagram is predominantly used by women – 68% of the network’s users and 60% of influencers are female! But behind every strong Instagram woman, there’s a man taking pictures of her from every imaginable angle. We wondered: Do influencer couples perform better than the related single channels? Do engagement rates rise for duo pictures? And are cooperations with Instagram lovebirds beneficial for influencer marketing campaigns?

We analyzed the amorous content and accounts of five successful (and lovestruck) Instagram influencer couples!

Debiflu And Keeevsch

Having the same job can come in handy – not only because your partner is free to travel with you wherever you need to go.

When Kevin collaborated with Colourful Rebel and Debi with Subdued, they just posted the same picture in their feed, each of them using it for their own cooperation.

Even though they do not tag the others collaboration partner in the picture, it still might be great content created for both brands because the picture will have a better reach counting Kevin’s and Debi’s followers (>760k).

On both accounts, the pictured performed quite well!

It is questionable, though, whether the brands approve of the fact that they paid an influencer for content that was then used by another influencer and for a different brand as well.

Gypsea_Lust And Do You Travel

In contrast to Debi and Kevin, travel influencer couple Lauren and Jack is frequently booked as a couple for collaborations.

Together, they have a reach of more than 3.6m and both have a quite diverse group of followers, assuring that a diverse audience is addressed. They are quite the power couple!

Both shared slightly different postings in their feed when cooperating with Visitabudhabi in April 2017.

Unexpected Island vibes here in the Middle East @visitabudhabi ?? #InAbuDhabi #Ad

A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

Compared to other collaborations of the tourism company during the same time period, the couple established the highest media value for Visitabudhabi with their postings.

Additionally, both cooperated with Royal Caribbean last December for a few days, creating the highest media value as well. Royal Caribbean gained more than 8,000 news followers within a few days.


Bibisbeautypalace And Julienco_

Bibi and her boyfriend Julian are two of the most successful German influencers, having a follower reach of more than 9.4 million combined.

A post shared by ! Bibi (@bibisbeautypalace) on

Their first date was in 2009, so they lived through their influencer journey together from day one and even executed the market launch of Bibi’s beauty brand Bilou together.


Post performance of couple pictures @julienco_ ©InfluencerDB

Looking at the performance metrics of their postings, we spot that his postings perform slightly better when Bibi is in the picture. Posts with her tagged in it are also his best performing posts.

That does not count for Bibi though. Her media metrics show that postings of the two of them do not affect her engagement rates.

Marenwolf And Tobiaswolf

In early July, influencer couple Maren and Tobias Wolf said “I do” and shared this special moment with numerous other German influencers – quite the influencer event!

On their Youtube channel The Daily Wolfs, the couple shares insights each and every day. On their Instagram channels, both mainly post pictures without their counterpart.

Post performance of wedding pictures @tobiaswolf & @marenwolf ©InfluencerDB

Couple-content seems to evoke a better engagement for both of them and especially postings revolving around their wedding over-performed significantly! Hence, their best performing pictures are wedding photos.


Earned Media Value of @tobiaswolf ©InfluencerDB

Especially Tobias’ Instagram channel was positively affected by the content other influencers posted regarding the wedding, as InfluencerDB media metrics show.

The upward spike displays the earned media value he generated during that time and his follower growth also received a little push.

Leonie Hanne and Alex.Galievsky

Ohh – what is – Couture without Alex? Successful German fashion and lifestyle blogger Leonie Hanne (formerly known as Ohhcouture) always has her boyfriend’s full support. Alex seems to prefer staying behind the camera as he declares himself to be an Instagram husband in his bio.

Cheers to palm tree life with @alex.galievsky. ☕? #Hawaii #Oahu #Honolulu http://liketk.it/2soIc

A post shared by Leonie Hanne (@ohhcouture) on

Kandy dreaming with @ohhcouture. ? #Kandy #SriLanka #ohhcouture

A post shared by Alexander Galievsky (@alex.galievsky) on

What a perfect match for an influencer dating a professional photographer, right?

He himself is not an influencer and just counts about 5k followers on Instagram but he is in charge of cooperations and photography for all of Leonie Hanne’s social media networks, so he really is the great guy behind one of the most successful influencers – simply a real Instagram husband!

The Takeaway

Instagram users like lovely, pretty, amorous and almost cheesy content. So shall companies only rely on couples from now on?

Take a look at the post performance to understand which content works best for an influencer! Some of our examples, like Maren and Tobias, show that the content works best for both of them having the counterpart included in the picture.

Collaborating with influencer couples can boost the overall reach and address a diverse target group, assuring more awareness of your brand and driving more traffic to your own Instagram brand channel.