The Art of Working with Influencers – How to Master Influencer Partnerships in 2020

Influencer partnerships today are an essential part of many companies’ marketing strategy. The reason for this success is that traditional advertising media is outdated and not as effective as it used to be a few years ago. People do not trust advertisements as much as influencers who promote products authentically. Our latest e-book The Art Of Working With Influencers explains everything you need to know about mastering influencer partnerships this year and beyond.

One of the many exciting topics discussed in our e-book is the Pyramid of Influence. Consumers can be divided into four stages of interest and expertise. Each stage’s representatives show different consumer behavior regarding interest, expertise, money and time invest.  We used the Fashion vertical as an example here.

Influencer Partnerships

Learn how to utilize the Pyramid of Influence for your influencer partnerships, read about social media characteristics and which format works best for your purposes and master how to transform bystanders into brand lovers by downloading our new e-book for free!