The 10 Best Travel Influencers Worldwide to Follow for Vacation Inspiration

Summer, sun and the need for a travel inspiration? If you have not planned your summer vacation yet and hope to find a sweet escape last minute, you can find the perfect inspiration right here! Our top 10 travel influencers from all over the world will give you a hint on whom to follow on Instagram to get some sunny holiday inspirations. 

We created a map of travel influencers in the Instagram universe worldwide. This list offers a diverse selection of inspirational travelers around the globe with good metrics and high-quality content. Get yourself in the right mood for your perfect summer vacay!

Travel Influencers

Australia – Lauren Bullen (1.8m)

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Lauren Bullen is one of the biggest travel influencers with 1.8m followers and she is still growing by 3.5%! Working as an influencer who travels the world, the 24-year-old travel enthusiast met her partner Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) during a campaign for a brand.

Since then, they explore the world hand in hand and they just got a place together in Bali where they stay in between their adventures.

United States – Kiersten (432k)

Originally from the west coast of the USA, Kiersten does not seem to be satisfied with the Californian sun. This blonde is literally going abroad. Thus, she quit her career in corporate finance and started traveling the world.

She visited more than 50 countries already and there are more to come! Recently, she hosted a blogger retreat in Bali.

South Africa – Nicole Eddy (161k)

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Nicole is from Cape Town, South Africa, and especially an inspiration for those who are planning their next or first adventurous safari or camping trip – she is an expert! Her followers show great appreciation for her postings, resulting in a Like Follower Ratio of 7.2%!

She is not the luxury travel influencer kind of girl but shares stunning wildlife pictures and breathtaking sunsets right from the middle of Africa. She recently visited Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

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Russia – Murad Osmann (4.6m)

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You’ve probably already stumbled upon one of his pictures in the past. Murad takes pictures of his wife holding her hand, following her anywhere and activates people with the hashtag #followmeto.

People copy this pose constantly on Instagram. It is no surprise that he creates a media value per post of more than 22,000$!

Indonesia – Wayhu Mahendra (68k)

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For all of you who plan on traveling to Asia: Wayhu Mahendra mainly posts from Bali or Indonesia. With 68k followers, he is one of the smaller travel influencers but his recent growth rates seem more than just promising (+11.1%).

Furthermore, his followers engage with his content a lot as the Like Follower Ratio of 14.9% highlights. Check out how well he captures the beautiful nature in his photos!

Canada – Dave & Deb (193k)

Influencer as a childhood dream? Probably not for Dave and Deb who have been traveling for ten years already, visiting more than 105 countries while winning several awards and working with some of the greatest travel brands.

They are so to say the old hands of travel influencers which just makes them even more experienced.

Austria – Roman Königshofer (134k)

For hikers and nature lovers, Austrian photographer Roman shares great insights of the best hiking outlooks which reflect on his Like Follower Ratio of 7.0%.

He is part of @germanroamers, a consortium of creators showcasing their favorite places of Germany and the rest of the world. Which mountain top are you going to climb next?

Brazil – Brian Baldrati (82k)

Brazilian travel photographer Brian is always on the road. He is also one of the smaller accounts we are showcasing but his Instagram feed displays a good mixture of postings of cities and nature.

“Is this real” is quite the name for a travel influencer, isn’t it?

England – Jacob Riglin (564k)

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Maybe it was too rainy for Jacob in England – we do not know – but we do know that his audience quality score of 82% is nothing to sneeze at and his earned media value is constantly showcasing good rates!

It seems like he found his main place of residence in New York City by now but he regularly takes his followers on adventurous trips by sharing pictures from different cities worldwide.

Vietnam – Tran Quang Vinh (181k)

Vietnam is known for its rivers and beautiful beaches! Tran Quang Vinh is a Vietnamese-American singer who discovered his passion for traveling.

In his Instagram feed, you can scroll through pictures of beautiful beaches and even some food insights! He recently visited beautiful Kuala Lumpur.