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Laura Pier is Senior Account Manager at Social Match, Germany’s leading influencer marketing agency.
Social Match connects brands and influencers on a national and global level.

With the execution step, each influencer marketing campaign reaches its peak. This step is about putting the previously planned steps into action. Laura Pier demonstrates how Social Match carries out these steps during the execution process. 


Hello Laura, thank you for taking the time to talk us through the execution of your campaigns!
We know by now how you get to know your customers during the onboarding, how campaigns are planned and how influencers are chosen during the matching. What happens next?

After we finalized the campaign concept and identified suitable influencers that align with the brands’ values and support their desired objectives, we start approaching these influencers.

For this, we develop a briefing that includes all relevant information for the campaign: Hashtags that refer to the brand or product, tags, the campaign idea and a mood board that visualizes the idea and the story that the influencers are supposed to interpret in their own individual ways.

When we approach the selected influencers afterwards, we always aim at a very personal connection to them: We highlight which individual traits and strengths made us choose the influencer and why we think he or she is a suitable fit for promoting the brand. Additionally, we point out the features of the brand and the products to clarify why our customer is an attractive collaboration partner and how the influencer can benefit from participating in the campaign.

Next, we set up a publishing plan: We determine when the content will be published. In consultation with the brand, we decide whether the content will be distributed evenly to stretch the attention over a certain timeframe or whether the brand wants to focus the attention on a certain point in time.

Publishing Plan

Additionally, the plan serves as an overview for our clients in case they want to integrate the influencers’ content into their own channels. Some of our customers want to use the content shortly after it has been published on the influencers’ channels, so the publishing plan helps to keep an eye on that.

As soon as the content is agreed upon, we start negotiating the pricing.

How do you determine the pricing? Which factors do you include when deciding on the pay?

Different factors come into play regarding the pricing. Of course, the follower base of an influencer is a factor, but also his or her content quality and other metrics we gather from the InfluencerDB software. Furthermore, the image of an influencer plays an important role: What is his or her standing in the influencer environment? Does he or she usually work with prestige brands? Some influencers have a certain celebrity status and are well-known beyond the Instagram universe. Facts like these have to be considered and can shape the pricing.

Learn more about pricing during our on-demand webinar with Robert Lebenhagen, CEO of InfluencerDB, during which he discusses how to price influencers with the ultimate pricing formula.

How do you manage to reconcile necessary guidelines with creative freedom of the influencers?

The challenge is to find a good balance: On the one hand, we try to work as thoroughly as possible to ensure that our customer’s vision is fulfilled and the concept is implemented as planned and desired. We always aim at warranting the satisfaction of the company. On the other hand, we want to ensure that the influencers can work as individually as possible and keep their creative freedom. Our briefing includes all information necessary but not too many guidelines that would constrict the influencer’s creative freedom. In the end, one of the reasons we choose each influencer is because of their individual content, so we want them to deliver exactly that – their own interpretation of the concept.

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How do you proceed if a brand is not satisfied with a content piece or if an influencer does not stand to the guidelines?

We avoid such problems by not letting it come that far. In the briefing, we clarify that we need to approve the influencers’ content pieces before they are published so that we can agree upon its suitability for the campaign. Additionally, if it is our first time working with a customer it might be difficult to evaluate the customer’s liking. In such cases, we also coordinate with the brand on the content piece. By arranging enough time for the process of coordination, we make sure that content pieces can be revised if the customer is not fully in agreement with the content.

Thank you for answering our questions today, Laura!

You are welcome!

If you are excited to learn more about influencer marketing strategies and how to use the 5 steps for your company’s benefit, stay tuned and explore the upcoming articles of this series!

This series was developed in cooperation with Social Match, Germany’s leading influencer marketing agency.

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