We dived deep into the Influencer Marketing Cloud and identified the top 10 fashion influencers based on their popularity on Instagram. Our top 10 influencers represent the entire world, coming from Europe, America, and Middle-East, showcasing how fashionistas and fashion-lovers are spread all over the globe.

These business-savvy influencers have shown us how to transform social media into successful careers and breaking it in the fashion industry, by simply following their passion and emphasizing personal branding.

1 Chiara Ferragni (17 M followers)

Italy, widely understood to be a major European fashion hub, is home to this year’s most successful fashion influencer. Chiara Ferragni started her career with a fashion blog called  The Blonde Salad in 2009. Ten years later, the Italian businesswoman makes her living from her prolific social media presence. Chiara is known as the most successful fashion blogger worldwide, and her Instagram community of 16.8 million followers agrees. Chiara has stayed true to her audience over the years, and that authenticity has transferred directly into her consistently positive Instagram statistics.


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Chiara has been busy in recent years, not only building her social media empire but taking over new areas of business. She founded her own clothing brand Chiara Ferragni Collection in 2013, currently estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Additionally, she ensures a distributed revenue through collaborations with major brands like Intimissimi, Lancome, Calzedonia. A single Instagram post of hers generates $84.000 worth of earned media on average, and that’s without considering the supplemental value added by her co-sign.

Ferragni’s phenomenal success has been recognized by various outlets. Her brand development is studied at Harvard Unversity, and she consistently appears in a variety of most influential people listings, e.g. by Forbes, Vogue and Footwear News. Chiara’s hard work has vaulted her into the upper echelons of the fashion industry in just a decade. Influencers from a variety of industries are increasingly recognized for their hard work, and this power entrepreneur definitely deserves her many successes.

2 Camila Coelho (8.2 M followers)

Camila Coelho, a Brazilian blogger and vlogger, has also leveraged on her massive social media popularity to build an impressive career around fashion and beauty. She speaks both English and Portuguese in her videos and has divided her YouTube channels accordingly. However, she combines her international audience on Instagram, where a community of 8 million fashion and beauty enthusiasts closely follow her updates.

Camila Coelho audience metrics

On her blog, Camila shares the latest trends and looks for each season, influential tastemaking that has morphed into a popular collaboration with InfluencerDB partner and overall influencer marketing giant Revolve. She recently launched her own clothing line Camila Coelho Collection with Revolve, and her Summer 2019 collection has gained immense popularity. 


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3 Noha Style Icon (7.9 M followers)

Noha Nabil has been identified as one of the top fashion influencers in the Middle East. The Kuwaiti fashion guru has collaborated with major brands like Bourjois Paris, L’occitane, and Swarovski often as their first influencer from the Middle East. Her groundbreaking work with these brands has pioneered a path to success for similar influencers. This entrepreneur mom has been unstoppable in her career, and after returning from the USA to Kuwait, her social media popularity has continued its upward trajectory.


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4 Lauren Conrad (6.1 M followers)

The Californian bestselling author Lauren Conrad started her successful career more than 10 years ago starring in the reality show The Hills. She merged her comfort with the limelight and her passion for beauty and fashion into a blooming career. Lauren frequently updates her lifestyle blog and is a natural social media star. She has launched her own clothing line, a fair trade shop, and a podcast which all are well presented on Instagram.


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5 Mariano Di Vaio (6.1 M followers)

The world of fashion might be primarily filled with amazing women, but there is always space and demand for stylish men. Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian model and fashion blogger with an Instagram audience of 6.2 million followers. He collaborates with luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and has established his own clothing company Nohow. On his Instagram, his followers get to know him as a fashion influencer and the proud father of two kids.


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6 Olivia Palermo (6.1 M followers)

The American businesswoman Olivia Palermo is known as a key trendsetter in the fashion industry. An entrepreneur at heart, she is constantly multitasking around the fashion field and is known for executing big collaborations with brands like Piaget and Valentino. Olivia worked for Diane von Fürstenberg at the beginning of her career, gaining valuable exposure and insight for the fashion industry. She recently collaborated on a collection with Karl Lagerfeld and launched the cooperation naturally on Instagram with the hashtag #KARLXOLIVIA.


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7 Negin Mirsalehi (5.4 M followers)

The Dutch influencer Negin Mirsalehi is a spokesperson for natural beauty and a style icon for many. Along with managing her own business, Negin often collaborates with major fashion brands, like Dior for just on example. Her passion for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, combined with her background in business education, set her up for success as a fashion influencer.


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Negin launched her own brand Gisou, a hair product line containing natural honey infused oils. Raised by a beekeeper and a hairdresser, the inspiration is clear; her parents are the original influencers!

8 Aimee Song (5.3 M followers)

The American influencer Aimee Song is a fashion blogger who has risen to the top of fashion influencers. Her careful career steps have taken her to manage a wildly successful personal brand on multiple channels, and her hard work has been recognized by a variety of media. Aimee has been recognized as a New York Times bestselling author, honored as a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and now, very recently she collaborated on a clothing line with Revolve.


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9 Sincerely Jules (5.3 M followers)

Julie Sarinana started her blog in 2009 wanting to inspire the world. Soon, she discovered that many enjoyed her personal, unique style, so she founded her eponymous clothing brand Sincerely Jules. Today, her Instagram account is a platform of inspiration and style, which attracts 5.3 million people and the growth seems unstoppable.

She has worked her way up in the though crowd of fashion influencers. When she isn’t building her business, she collaborates with major brands like Revolve and Levi’s, known for their collaborations with fashion influencers.


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10 Alexa Chung (3.3 M followers)

The British fashionista Alexa Chung is known worldwide for her quirky style. A former model, she gained experience in how the fashion branch works. She was later inspired to channel her creativity and passion for style to her own business. When she is not too busy building a business, she collaborates with brands like L’oréal Pro, Longchamp and rocked the runway of Miumiu.


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