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In times of crisis, working on your next influencer activation might not be the first thing on your mind but it does more harm than good for your business to be paralyzed and stop being productive. We’ve put together 4 areas you can work on right now to finally fix your influencer marketing processes and prepare your team and business for post-crisis times.

In your day-to-day work, you need to prioritize: Execution usually comes first while anything less urgent falls by the wayside. You basically struggle each day to keep on top of the chaos and try to manage your projects, campaigns, influencer contacts and your team on the fly.

As devastating as the current Coronavirus crisis is, it also presents the opportunity for you to take care of things that you usually do not have time, resources and focus to do in the hustle of the daily grind. As you and most of your team members probably work from home right now, use the distraction-free time to focus on your strategy and processes.

Finally fix your influencer marketing processes and know that by doing so, you’ll be well-prepared for the busy time after the crisis when everyone is back in full operation mode.

Visibility: What is your team even doing?

Do you ever feel like your current influencer marketing processes are chaotic and feel like a pain? Is your team working from one collab to the next one but there is no actual process, and the work seems cumbersome? Do you feel like you’re lacking visibility into what your team (and everyone else involved) is even doing?

As a first step, gain visibility into each and everyone’s responsibilities and make sure every team member is on the same page. Especially when working on large projects and campaigns, tasks and to-dos might get lost in the shuffle.

Set up weekly jour fixes with your team members. Each jour fixe must have an agenda (ideally with a mix of speaking points from your side and your meeting partner) to ensure that both your time is used efficiently and there are actionable takeaways and to-dos from each meeting.

Influencer Marketing Processes - Jour Fixe Agenda Setup Example

Example of a Jour Fixe Agenda Setup

To help your team collaborate on multiple projects at once without losing their heads, using a project management tool works wonders. Even free tools like Trello can help your team to see the project steps at a glance, assign responsibilities and work with labels to highlight high-priority to-dos.

Project Management with Trello

Project Management Board © Trello

Other software solutions give you even more control: HubSpot, for example, enables you to assign tasks to yourself and other team members. This functionality even works cross-departmental.

Find a variety of other project management and productivity tools here.

Contact Management: Organize your influencer network

Your influencer network is your most integral asset. It is your own proprietary database that sets you apart from your competitors.

Usually, teams start building their influencer database by storing contact information in Excel sheets. That system works when you have a rather small team and only a few contacts to keep up to date.

However, as soon as you want to scale your influencer activities, grow your network and enrich your proprietary database with essential information about your contacts, you need to have a system in place that allows your team to store your contacts safely and organize your influencer network according to your needs.

The Influencer Community Management Software assists your team in building your influencer database by allowing you to organize your contacts in lists, for example by category or country. That way, your team bypasses the cumbersome quest for individual contacts in a large Excel sheet and has more time to focus on the actual execution.

influencer marketing processes - Influencer Marketing Cloud Network

Contact Management with Lists in InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software

We all know how crucial influencer relations are (even more so in times of crisis) but to be able to truly connect with your partners, especially if you have an extensive database already, your team needs to have essential information at hand. Do the research once and keep it stored in your proprietary database forever.

Our network feature’s detail pages host vital information on your influencers that allow your team to better connect with your creators. The information can be enriched manually with experience from past collaborations and ratings.


Using software for your contact management supports your influencer marketing processes in even more ways:

  • Your team has access to up-to-date information at a glance and doesn’t need to update huge chunks of data manually.
  • Every team member can access your influencer database at any point in time from any location. Especially in times of crisis, still having access to your assets and being able to react fast and flexible is key!
  • If needed, other departments can be granted access to your influencer database as well (think cross-departmental synchronization).
  • Your influencer database should not be a static system but a flexible one. With the Influencer Community Management Software, your team can push influencers from your network into a campaign in a matter of seconds.

Campaign Management: Help your team to stay on track

Speaking of campaigns: Just as you want to keep your influencer contact organized, you’ll also want your team to keep track of your influencer activities. No matter if you execute always on or campaign-driven: Any team member needs to be aware of your influencer activities’ status quo at any point in time.

Campaign Manager, InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software

We’ve discussed the advantages of using software to streamline your influencer marketing processes and keep track of your campaigns in a previous article.

Transparency: Cross-departmental synchronization

Finally, think beyond your own department when you’re improving your influencer marketing processes. Your team might be the one that’s mainly responsible for collaborating with influencers but more often than not, your team’s work has an impact on other departments as well.

Influencer Marketing Processes - Departments involved in influencer marketing

The content stemming from your influencer collaborations can be used on your business’ website, blog and social media channels. You might want to execute an influencer event, so your press department might need to get involved.

Set up a system that facilitates communication between departments and gives everyone involved access to vital content and information so that everyone is on the same page.



In times like these, coping with a crisis is challenging for all parties involved. Even though working on influencer collaborations is not your main priority right now, try to maintain some normality in your daily work.

Generally, use the home office time to invest in making your processes more efficient without the distraction of your day-to-day hustle. 

You will most likely find comfort in knowing that you’ll be prepared once your work-life goes back to normal and you can jump right back into execution mode without you and your team being overwhelmed.

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