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In the sea of indistinguishable Instagram accounts of perfect sunsets and meticulously arranged smoothie bowls, there are some hidden gems– brightly-colored gems. Some influencers have been creating color-themed accounts, with images dominated by one color. By focusing on a single color or palette, color-themed Instagram accounts immediately draw the eye. 

These five influencers who use color-themed Instagram accounts to show off their creativity caught our attention.  If you’re a marketer, teaming up with one of these influencers could help draw attention to your product. By standing out in the crowd, an influencer with a color-themed Instagram account might help your next campaign pop.


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Benjamin Hardman traded the lush landscapes of his native Australia for the vast, cold landscapes of Iceland. The photographer amazes his followers with raw landscapes of the mysterious country he now calls home. His photographs often feature strong contrasts between light and dark — snow-covered icebergs emerging from almost-black water, ragged cliffs surrounded by dense fog, and glistening ice floes floating on turquoise water. Hardman’s target group analysis reveals an excellent audience quality (A-/89 percent).


With its explosion of bright hues, Colors Collective’s account couldn’t be more different from Benjamin Hardman’s. The collective was founded in Brooklyn by industrial designer Alexis Jesup and is on its way to becoming a huge Instagram success. The creative images could be the perfect setting for a brand with colorful products to showcase their items in a playful, eye-catching environment. In this collaboration between Jesup and watch brand Klasse14, Jesup integrates the pink watch perfectly, matching it to her pink outfit on a bright yellow background.


Scroll through Stella Maria Baer’s account for a quick dose of relaxation. Her warm, sandy-colored images create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. While her subjects are diverse, every image conforms to her color style, which ranges from light beige over rusty red tones to a dark brown.

Baer is a painter, so many of her images show paintings that use the shades of her personal color palette. In addition, landscapes and family snapshots show the passion and work that lie behind this beautiful tone-on-tone Instagram feed. Some of her favorite subjects are the topography of the human body (she has some amazing watercolor paintings of different shapes of female breasts), planets and the desert scenery of the southwest.


It’s not hard to guess Isabelle Marie Waldbach’s favorite color from her Instagram account. Even her bio caption gives it away– “My (white) life in squares.” The German fashion influencer is obsessed with the color white. While posts are mainly focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, her detailed all-white settings set her apart from other beauty bloggers. Not only are most of her outfits completely white, Waldbach also creates white backgrounds for her images.  Her exceptional style has led to many partnerships with fashion and beauty labels such as Abbott Lyon, Smashbox Germany, and L’Occitane Germany.


For our final color themed Instagram account, we present Oak and Ink. The man behind this stylish and creative account is the Melbourne-based designer and photographer Matthew Henry. His account pays homage to Pantone, a company best known for its color-matching system, (if you’re obsessed with colors, we highly recommend a peek at their Instagram account).

Oak and Ink’s images follow a color theme for a specific period of time. While each image is stunning on its own, you need to see the feed as a whole to understand what makes Oak and Ink so special. The transition from one color theme into another is amazing. We could spend hours scrolling through the feed watching green turning into turquoise turning into blue turning into purple and so on. Working with an influencer capable of this hypnotic effect could be a great way to showcase your brand.

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