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With the influencer marketing industry maturing from the gold-rush of the 2010s, the strategy has become increasingly ingrained within modern marketing departments. In fact, many of the most successful brands have dedicated teams and even whole departments dedicated specifically to maximize the potential of collaborating with influential individuals.

While some of the current brands succeeding with influencer marketing have invested major portions of their budgets into influencer marketing, 75% for behemoth Estée Lauder per Adweek, many other brands will simply add influencer collaborations into their overall marketing mix. There are multiple approaches to working with influential creators, and while it’s generally better to develop long-term brand ambassador programs, transactional influencer advertising does have a place in the modern marketer’s promotional strategy.





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That said, as working with influencers becomes more common in marketing organizations, marketing leaders will want to structure their teams to not just achieve immediate results but eventually scale with the rest of their departments. Nobody starts with 75% of their budget allotted toward influencers.

Considering this, we sat down with foodspring’s Senior Influencer Marketing Manager DACH Marcel Heinrich to learn how the organization scaled from a one-person team to its current top position in the food nutrition industry. Some highlights of their recent successes in influencer marketing:

  • Increased its marketing ROI by 317%
  • Built a scalable influencer marketing process
  • Created a metrics-driven decision-making process

Overall, foodspring aims to establish a global influencer marketing department responsible for achieving continued success with a holistic approach for all its key markets.

If you’re a marketer looking to start a scalable influencer program or want best practices for influencer marketing workflows, it would behoove you to learn from foodspring’s best practices and implement findings into your own business.

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