Game Of Thrones Season Finale – Who Won The Battle For The Iron Instagram Throne?

The foreshadowed union of fire and ice finally became truth as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen gave vent to their feelings in the final episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. The clash of powers comes with the reveal of a long-desired truth of Jon’s parentage leaving the Game of Thrones fans with new questions already longing for the next season to start. 

Well, we certainly cannot tell anything about the further developments of the saga but that does not keep us from sussing out Game of Thrones‘ success on Instagram.

With InfluencerDB, we analyzed the official @gameofthrones channel as well as several hashtags evolving around the saga and its characters in social media. Let’s see what our metrics reveal.

Who Takes The Iron (Instagram-) Throne?

InfluencerDB Game of Thrones HashtagsMost used character hashtags ©InfluencerDB

Measured by the use of hashtags, we declare Jon Snow successor to the iron (Instagram-) throne!

A Stark and a Targaryen ?❄

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Does that come as a surprise to anyone after watching the final episode? Even though #daenerystargaryen follows up close, he outreached her.

The best performing hashtag is #gameofthrones who has been used more than 107k during the last year! The seasons’ hashtag #winterishere was additionally used more than 10,000 times.

The Valuable Effect Of Mentions

The hype around the Game of Thrones saga reflects also in the Instagram account’s Earned Media Value.

Game of Thrones Media Metrics

Media Metrics of @gameofthrones ©InfluencerDB

The upward spike in mid-July reflects the start of the season! On that day, the account was mentioned by other accounts quite frequently, creating an organic earned media value of $818,176.

Additionally, the start of the season was supported by numerous count-down posts by fan-accounts like @gotinsider (999k) or @gameofthronesnotofficial (2.8m).

Furthermore, the channel also registers a rapid follower growth with the start of the new season as displayed by the growth curve above.

This means that the account gained around 900k followers in the course of 1 ½ months and more than 41k on the first day – probably due to the number of mentions!

This shows what kind of impact an event can have on growth and engagement.

Distributing Content All Around The World

Interestingly, Game of Thrones is neither a typical male nor a typical female show, according to the Target Group Analysis of the Instagram account. The gender distribution is almost balanced.

Gendersplit Game of Thrones
Gender distribution of @gameofthrones ©InfluencerDB

Fans are watching from all around the globe and also following up new content on Game of Throne’s Instagram channel. Therefore, the channel’s audience is quite international as the metrics below display.

Country Distribution Game of Thrones

Country distribution of @gameofthrones ©InfluencerDB

Content That Triggers Engagement

It is also noticeable how fans engage with the content on Instagram. The most commented on postings in the course of the last season were short teasers.

Those were used by followers as an opportunity to discuss what is likely to happen in the next episode or what they really liked or disliked.

Tonight. “Beyond the Wall” premieres at 9PM on @HBO. #GoTS7

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The Takeaway

HBO uses Instagram as part of their content distribution for the successful Game of Thrones saga. Hence, fans are kept up to date via several channels, making it hard to resist the spoiler alert if you have not been able to follow up the latest episode yet!

The success of and the engagement with the Game of Thrones channel on Instagram proves how well immaterial products are able to perform on Instagram.

Instagram as a social network is perfect to get close to fans or customers of a brand and building relations. @gameofthrones outlines how well a theme/ topic/ brand can perform on Instagram if fans highly enjoy engaging with the provided content.