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The Coronavirus crisis is the number 1 topic on social media right now. With news of the virus spreading continuously, lockdowns and border controls, more and more people turn to social media as a space for distraction, positive thoughts and ideas on how to cope with the isolation while staying at home. We’ve discovered some uplifting examples of brands and influencers that use their creativity to support their followers and offer a few minutes of happiness.

Being stuck at home and having watched the news on the Coronavirus crisis for a week already, social media users are now starting to look for welcome distractions. It is human nature to long for comfort and social media can serve that purpose if consumed considerately.

More and more influencers state that although they are aware of the situation, they made a conscious decision to continue posting as usual in order to serve a distraction in this chaotic environment. Some, like German fashion and beauty influencer Bella, even asked their followers if they’d be open for regular content and brand collaborations. Most respondents replied they’d be happy to see regular content and discounts.

Poll coronavirus crisis

Consumers are not particularly in shopping mood right now but they do in fact use social media as a means of distraction as @mrsbella’s poll shows. And in fact, a Statista analysis displays that online sales in Italy showed an uplift in February.

In Italy, one of the first countries that started a widespread lockdown, the numbers of online sales have increased towards the end of February, indicating that consumers do in fact buy goods online in times like these. (I suggest reading these numbers with caution as they are only an indicator for the behavior of a certain group of consumers in one country.)

Statistic: Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on online sales in Italy in February 2020 | Statista

The lockdown leads to a change in consumer behavior and the avoidance of places with high density and human contacts like shopping centers and shops in general, as a recent eMarketer study suggests.

Brands and influencers are using their creativity to connect with their audiences, support them in offering ideas for staying home and helping smaller brands that had to close their brick-and-mortar stores to live through these tough times.

Fighting isolation with skincare routines

Beauty influencer Ranim Helwani who is based in Milan and affected by the lockdown is posting her daily routines and highlights the importance of self-care as a distraction from the worrying situation.

Beauty regimen coronavirus crisis


Beauty influencer Swantje aka @theoriginalcopy shared a full blogpost with her followers to inspire them with 10 free beauty projects that make the time at home a bit more endurable.

Staying active while staying at home

Gyms are closed and fitness classes are suspended but there’s plenty of things to do at home! Popular fitness influencer Pamela Reif has created three different fitness routines for her followers based on her free YouTube videos, encouraging her audience to stay inside and active over the course of the next weeks. 

Workout plan coronavirus crisis


As a result, Pamela’s YouTube showed a massive uplift, her videos have been played more than 1.4 million times in the past two days (as of March 16, 2020). The influencer shared multiple stories of followers working out to her YouTube videos from their homes.


Other influencers react to closed gyms by offering discount codes on workout apps to their followers.


Fitness brand Gymondo shared 10 tips via Instagram Stories on how to keep yourself busy while being at home – and being a fitness brand, working out and cooking a Gymondo recipe are included in the list.


Brands are also supporting those that are currently not allowed to leave their homes. Jan Erik Kruse, Strategy Manager for Community, Influencer and Ambassador Marketing at ASICS, has shared the initiative #UntiedYetUnited via LinkedIn. The initiative was started by the ASICS FrontRunner Community in Italy to encourage caring actions and support each other as a community.

Jan Erik Kruse via LinkedIn

Calming down with Meditation

Be it because you’ve received the “You’re all caught up” notification on Instagram or because you simply want to calm down for a bit: Meditation apps can help us to clear our heads and focus on ourselves for a while. For their followers, meditation brand Calm has created a free resources page with meditations and sleep stories so users can take some time off of bad news.


Meditation brand Headspace has launched a similar program, offering meditation and advice for free.


Supporting small brick and mortar businesses

For small businesses that have just started out, the Coronavirus crisis is extremely tough. Especially small brick and mortar shops that needed to cut their opening hours significantly or had to close completely are fearing their existence.

One brand has found a creative approach to handling the situation. In lack of an online shop and having had to reduce their opening hours for safety reasons, the brand Philokalist is inviting their followers to a virtual shop tour via Instagram.

Staying educated with Learning apps

With students and pupils being stuck at home, digital education with the help of online programs that offer education and learning material becomes even more essential. The company StudySmarter has partnered up with publisher STARK to provide the StudySmarter app and its premium features as well as STARK learning materials and books for free.

Thousands of social media users have become aware of the offer and have downloaded the app, making it the most downloaded app on Apple and Google Play Store.


Social media users are currently spending a lot of time on Instagram, YouTube and the like, looking for education, advice, tips, distraction, and inspiration while staying at home.

As a brand, your content will be seen by more users than usual these days. This can be a chance for brands to gain more attention but keep in mind to be considerate about the content you post on your brand channel and that is being posted by influencers on your brand’s behalf. 

Offer support, distraction or adequate freebies whenever possible. Be aware that the Coronavirus crisis is a stressful situation for everyone and that social media can offer a safe place with comforting content besides the news we need to cope with on a daily basis.

Stay safe and healthy!

Your InfluencerDB Team

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