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Guest Post by Val Razo

With over 1 billion active monthly users on the platform, it’s no wonder that practically every company wants to drive traffic from Instagram to the website. However, it takes time and effort to attract your target audience, turn your visitors into followers, and convert your followers into website traffic unless you team up with niche influencers.

Modern customers trust influencers almost as much as their own friends, so it’s easier for brands to enter an already-established community of their potential customers and get people to click away from Instagram to their websites when businesses collaborate with influencers. 

With a variety of business-friendly Instagram features, it’s easy for brands and opinion leaders to drive more website traffic and therefore achieve the influencer campaign success. Moreover, influencers can create authentic Instagram content and add a link to your website that can help to turn their followers into your qualified leads.

Let’s find out how influencers can share links on Instagram. In short, there are four ways for influencers to share links on Instagram:

Include a link in the bio:

The easiest way to share a link on Instagram is to add it to the bio section. No matter how many followers an influencer has, every Instagram user can include one clickable link in the bio, just like in the example below:

How influencers drive traffic to your website

Source: @aimeesong

Adding a link in the bio is a great way to drive website traffic with nano-influencers who have a small but loyal following. When influencers team up with brands to promote their website on Instagram, they often create Instagram posts and include a call to action in the caption to encourage interested followers to tap on the bio link. 

Use the Instagram Stories link feature: 

Another way to turn followers into website visitors is to add the swipe up link in Instagram Stories. Since 500 million people create or watch Instagram Stories daily, using short-lived content is a great idea to create a sense of urgency and motivate followers to visit your website page faster. However, you must be verified or have 10k followers to get access to this feature, so it’s no wonder that brands reach out to relevant influencers to promote their websites via Instagram Stories. Check out how Katie Sturino does it:

Post by Katiesturino

Source: @katiesturino

Instagram Stories links have great power, so influencers of all sizes and niches try to improve social media influence and get access to this feature. If you want to give it a try, find an opinion leader who can include links in Instagram Stories.

Create shoppable posts: 

Back in May 2019, Instagram designed a new profile format for influencers, creator profiles. Not only do influencers have in-depth analytics and data, but they can also create shoppable posts and tag products from brands they partner with. All in all, it allows influencers to convert interested followers into website visitors.

Here’s how it looks like in action:

How influencers drive traffic to your website

Source: @katiesturino

Include a link in IGTV descriptions:

Another way to share clickable links on Instagram is to upload IGTV posts with descriptions. When users see an IGTV post, they can read the description and tap on the featured link to get directly to your target website page. Plus, IGTV links are available to any account, no matter how many followers an opinion leader has.

Let’s take a look at the example from Aimee Song:

Post by aimeesong

Source: @aimeesong

However, placing a clickable link doesn’t mean the influencer community will tap on it to get away from Instagram. Now that you know how opinion leaders can share links on Instagram, let’s take a look at the best practices of driving website traffic with influencers to inspire your next influencer marketing campaign:

5 Best Practices for Driving Website Traffic with Influencers

Interview an Influencer

It’s in our nature to be interested in like-minded people whose views and beliefs resonate with us. Since it’s easy for modern people to express their thoughts on social media without being interrupted, the number of Instagram influencers is growing fast. According to the InfluencerDB report, 39% of all Instagram accounts with more than 15k followers are active influencers. 

Following an influencer on the platform, it’s more likely we are interested in this person, so the majority of followers would like to learn more about this person. For brands, this means an opportunity to turn influencer’s followers into website visitors if they invite influencers for an interview.

Plus, opinion leaders are happy to share the good news about their success, so they will inform their following about the interview. Here’s how Zendaya spreads the word about her Vogue cover and the interview:

How influencers drive traffic to your website

Source: @zendaya

Work With an Influencer on Capsule Collection

If you work in the fashion industry, here’s another great way to increase build awareness and boost sales while working with influencers—work together with an opinion leader to create a capsule collection. 

When you involve an influencer in product creation, you create products that showcase his or her personality and therefore appeals to followers. What is more, it gives a solid reason for an influencer to tell about this collaboration and show the results of your work even without being paid for it. Why? It’s all about the sense of belonging and a strong connection to your brand.

Case in point: 

In collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, Lewis Hamilton created a unisex collection. Lewis Hamilton often spreads the word about this collection, adding a special hashtag #TOMMYXLEWIS. Since the popular Formula One driver has 14.5 million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder that his post about the collaboration goes viral. 

Post by lewishamilton

Source: @lewishamilton

To promote the capsule collection, Lewis Hamilton invites his followers to check out the website which means turning his solid following into quality leads. The secret? Not only do Hamilton’s followers support him, but they are also interested in his products, so his fans get away from Instagram to see the results of his collaboration. 

Invite an Influencer to Be a Model for Your Campaign 

If you want to establish a strong connection with an influencer and turn his or her followers into your website visitors, invite opinion leaders to be models for your next campaign. Working on your lookbook, it’s a great idea to feature influencers. 

As specified in one report, people share around 95 million photos and videos on Instagram daily. People want to share great images on Instagram, and influencers pay close attention to photos they share on the app. When you invite an influencer to be a model for your campaign, you help this opinion leader get new photos and you give a solid reason for him or her to promote your company.

Let’s take MadeWell, for example. In honor of its spring 2020 denim campaign, MadeWell reached out to niche influencers to invite them to be models for the lookbook. As a part of this promotional campaign, opinion leaders share their photos on Instagram and tell more about the new collection, just like Eva Victor did it:

How influencers drive traffic to your website

Source: @victorevasecret

Influencers upload photos to their profiles and include the clickable link to spread the word about this collaboration among their followers. And if you want to find a perfect influencer for your next campaign, you can choose fashion stock photos to create teaser posts that invite followers to guess the influencer you’re going to work with. Not only does it build hype around your campaign, but it also helps to understand opinion leaders who resonate with your target audience best. 

Ask an Influencer to Promote a Sale

Successful influencer marketing is about working with opinion leaders who match your brand identity and speak to the same target audience. When you offer something valuable, influencer collaborations can give even more opportunities for brands to hook their potential customers. For example, it’s a great idea to ask influencers to promote a sale.

Modern customers seek deals before making the purchase decision and time-limited offers create a sense of urgency that motivates your target audience to tap on the link and learn more about your sale without wasting time. Thus, it gives wonderful results in terms of website traffic and e-commerce sales.

For example, Urban Outfitters asked fashion influencers to tell their followers about their time-limited sale, so it encouraged users to tap on the link and find out more. 

Post by joandkemp

Source: @joandkemp

When you run a sale, you attract the attention of your potential customers. The more website visitors you have, the more questions you can receive about your product. However, you can ask an influencer to encourage using chatbots on your site which can ease the worried minds of customers who are doubting whether your product is worth giving a try. Not only does it drive website traffic, but it also helps your customer support team deal with requests faster.

Offer Influencer Promo Codes

It’s no secret that the majority of influencers want to grow their following to secure collaboration opportunities with more brands. Although they keep a focus on attracting new followers, most opinion leaders know that referrals work best, so they invest time and effort into building connections with their fans. Thus, they want to offer them something unique and exclusive.

When it comes to driving website traffic with influencers, it’s a good idea to offer influencer promo codes. Not only do you help an influencer to increase loyalty and trust, but you also motivate his or her followers to visit your website and make the most out of this promo code.

For example, Joann Wiltshire is a makeup artist from Florida who also works with various brands to promote their product on her profile. Joann often uses exclusive promo codes to encourage her followers to buy the featured items and save money with her discount code:

How influencers drive traffic to your website

Source: @joann_mua

Creating influencer promo codes has many benefits as it allows you to spark interest in your products and measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign at the same time. 


As one of the most popular social media networks with the most engaged user base, Instagram is a great place to turn users into your website visitors. What is more, there’s no need to spend much time or effort to drive website traffic if you work Instagram influencers.

Whether you want to enter a community of your target audience or get access to exclusive Instagram features like the swipe up Instagram Stories links, working with influencers is a great way to get more traffic from Instagram.

Have you ever worked with Instagram influencers to drive more website traffic? What works best for you?

Val Razo is a freelance SMM consultant with over five years of digital marketing experience who has worked with big brands like Royal Canin, UNIQA and HiPP. Today, she helps small and medium businesses to promote their products on Instagram as she believes that this network has great sales potential. In her spare time, she writes for marketing blogs or she can often be found visiting art exhibitions or learning Spanish. Get in touch with her on Twitter.

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