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Influencer marketing campaigns are all about organization, monitoring, and management. A structured briefing ensures that each cooperation partner is kept in the loop regarding essential points such as campaign strategy, deadlines, campaign hashtags, and advertising disclosure. Here’s a list of points that should not be missing from your influencer briefing. 

What is an influencer briefing? 

The influencer briefing provides important information regarding the campaign, its objectives, the required content pieces and the allocated budget. Afterwards, the contract supports the briefing from a legal point of view.

A contract can span many campaigns. For example, you could have one contract with an influencer for a longer period of time that covers several different campaigns and provide individual briefings for your cooperation partner for those campaigns.

Influencer Briefing Checklist

  • Header with brand details and campaign title
  • Campaign details with target group specifics and campaign message
  • Posting guidelines with number of content pieces and hashtags
  • Contract amount and timeline



In the header of your briefing, make sure to include details about your company and the cooperation, like your brand’s name and/ or the executive agency, contact person, campaign title, name of your partner, and the timeframe of the campaign.

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Franzi Fröhlich (@ffranzy)

Campaign Details

In this section, provide further details about the campaign to give your cooperation partner a better understanding of the concept and your objectives.

Mention the campaign topic, a short campaign description, the audience you want to reach, the influencer’s tasks, the campaign objectives, the timeframe, the campaign message, and the tonality of the influencer postings.

Add any additional information to clarify the campaign’s message and help the influencer to completely understand the campaign’s objectives and how the campaign will be judged to be successful.

To find out more about what marketers should expect when working with influencers, watch our free on-demand webinar on how agencies can help brands find influential creators with the right target audience.

Posting Guidelines for Instagram Posts

Continue your influencer briefing by illustrating the posting setup. Keep in mind one of the reasons for you cooperating with the influencer is their creativity and their connection to their followers. Trust that the influencer knows best how to make the postings appealing to the followers and do not limit the influencer’s creative freedom too much. Nonetheless, some directives need to be stated.

Clarify the number of content pieces and amount of feedback allowed on the content. Express which URLs to use and where to place them, as well as which hashtags are mandatory and which can be used additionally. If you have clear ideas about the posting description, state these here, or at least clarify which elements you need the influencer to mention in the text.

Don’t forget to make the influencer aware of their responsibility to clearly disclose sponsored posts with the appropriate terms.

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kiara King ✖️ Outfits & Beauty (@lioninthewild)

If favored, highlight the exclusive naming of your brand in the posting to prevent competitors from being included in the same posting. It might also be advisable to constrain the promotion of competitor brands a week prior to and after the posting promoting your brand. To make your brand stand out, you might want to prevent any other postings in the first five hours after your sponsored post.

Furthermore, state in this section if you want to use the influencer’s pictures for reposts on your brand’s Instagram channel and other social media channels.

Posting Guidelines for Instagram Story

If Instagram Stories are part of the cooperation, clarify the number of Stories needed over what timeline and give a brief description of the setup, like which features of the product to focus on.

The contract should specify that the influencer send you a screenshot of the Stories’ statistics (views) after 24 hours, as these are not available to outside followers. Mention any mandatory URLs as well as your brand’s Instagram account name, which should be linked in the Stories.

Again, state that the disclosure of the sponsored nature of the post is mandatory.

Contract Amount & Timeline

Finally, agree on the contract amount and the timeline of the campaign, keeping deadlines for the influencer briefing confirmation, posting approval dates, and publication dates in mind.

The contract will support the influencer briefing by making the mentioned points legally binding. Additionally, it should include a confidentiality clause. We would advise consulting a legal adviser for further information and legal support in setting up contracts.


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