Our Management Module facilitates your influencer processes by providing features for every step of your campaign from planning to execution. Our Campaigns Feature recently got an update to make your Influencer Campaign Management even more effortless.

The feature provides you with an overview of your past and current campaigns, KPIs, your budget, and your progress. Even if your team is spread all over the globe, you won’t ever lose track of your campaign progress.

Campaign Dashboard

The Dashboard offers an overview of past and current campaigns and keeps you up-to-date about the latest happenings. With the Dashboard, you can search particular campaigns and get the most important information like budget spent and the number of influencers at first sight.

What’s new?

You can now filter your campaigns by active or achieved, date range, or campaign creator. Besides, you can search by campaign name or tags.

Influencer Campaign Management - Dashboard

Campaign Manager

With our Campaign Manager, you and your team can see the latest activities and control your budget. You can create several stages of your campaign and drag and drop the influencers into different stages of your campaign. This tool helps you to not lose any information, no matter how big your influencer community is and how many partners are part of your campaigns.

Influencer Campaign Management - Manager

What’s new?

You can now add multiple deliverables to your deals to never run behind. Manage your budget by setting up a planned and paid spend for each deliverable. This overview also appears in your Campaign Header.

If you are working with several influencers and different budgets, it can be hard to keep track of your overall campaign budget. That’s why you can now assign a certain budget to each partner.

A summary at the end of each stage shows you Total Planned Spend and Total Paid at a glance.

Deal Page

Our Deal Page offers an overview of your deliverables and a hub to store important details of your partnership such as type of content, schedule, and payment details. Leave comments and remarks about each deal to keep your team up-to-date. You can also upload documents such as contracts – don’t let important documents rot in inboxes ever again!

What’s new?

The Deal Page displays a summary of all deliverables and their owners so that every team member knows his/ her responsibilities.

Influencer Campaign Management - Deal Page

Brand-new functionalities


Deliverables Page

This new functionality allows you to assign multiple deliverables to one deal so that information like deliverable type, date, and status never get lost. You can also add Tracking URLs, voucher codes, and results for Instagram like reach, shares, and saves or Average Watch Time for YouTube. All content from the URLs in your Deliverables Pages will be displayed in the Postings tab, where you can switch between Instagram and YouTube content pieces.

Campaign Management - Deliverables Page


Are you an InfluencerDB customer and have questions about the Campaigns Feature? Please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@influencerdb.com.

Are you curious to learn more about how to facilitate your Influencer Campaign Management with the help of our updated Campaigns Feature or want to learn more about our software? Book a call with us!

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