Influencer Campaigns That Caught Our Eye – Battle Of the Bra Brands

We at InfluencerDB are always curious about exciting influencer campaigns, brand new marketing strategies and surprising ways of advertisement that breathe new life into the marketing universe. We will regularly feature campaigns that recently caught our eye and point out what makes them special. This time, we will compare the strategies of two different companies selling similar products: The Perfect Sculpt and Sneaky Vaunt.


If you use Instagram regularly, you might have noticed a recent hype about a bra that makes wearing a back-free dress and having an alluring cleavage possible.

The two brands we will focus on are New Jersey based The Perfect Sculpt and Sneaky Vaunt located in Maine. Both brands sell the cleavage enhancing and strapless bra that is commercialized by influencers on Instagram.


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The posts consist of both pictures and videos. The influencers present themselves wearing the bra to demonstrate its magic effect. The content is shared with great enthusiasm and influencers are excited to be able to “finally wear what [they] want and still have support” (@Raelia Lewis).  

Example Posting

Both brands engage with several bigger and smaller influencers on Instagram. As influencer marketing is already much more established in the US marketing world compared to other countries, accounts with 100k followers are still considered as micro influencers.


At first glance, the Instagram channels of both accounts do not seem to differ much. Both channels mainly share user-generated content from influencers who are either wearing or demonstrating the bras.

We did an in-depth analysis of both brand channels and noticed interesting results.

In mid-May, when we first took a look at the metrics of the two US brands, we noticed that both accounts were mentioned by approximately the same number of channels.

It is noticeable, though, that The Perfect Sculpt was able to aggregate a much higher earned media value. Additionally, the brand reached more followers. The metrics below outline the findings.

Perfect Sculpt Sneaky Vaunt

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While the mentions of both channels differ by 113 (The Perfect Sculpt= 350 vs. Sneaky Vaunt= 247), the earned media value of The Perfect Sculpt is almost seven times higher!

Furthermore, The Perfect Sculpt reaches nine times more followers than Sneaky Vaunt does.


We noticed that The Perfect Sculpt is mentioned by a high number of aggregator channels. Those aggregator channels do most of the time not even address fashion as the main topic – their topics vary. These collaborations are responsible for the large reach and the high earned media value.

Perfect Sculpt MentionsMentions of The Perfect Sculpt © InfluencerDB

Moreover, the brand was mentioned by comedian Cornell Ross in one of his videos which added to the brand’s awareness. In general, a lot of the videos of these aggregator channels have a humorous theme to them, which results in higher engagement with the postings.


Sometimes us getting ready takes a bit longer when we’re admiring ourselves ? Video credit: @_cornell__

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In contrast to The Perfect Sculpt’s strategy, Sneaky Vaunt mainly cooperates with fashion and lifestyle influencers as well as celebrities like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.

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Thus, the fit of the influencer regarding the product is higher.

Regarding these results, The Perfect Sculpt is creating greater awareness of its product and brand by collaborating with aggregator channels. Moreover, additional attention is brought to the brand by cooperating with influencers like Cornell Ross even though he is not part of the fashion world.


The Perfect Sculpt and Sneaky Vaunt use different Instagram content strategies. Examining both brand channels, we noticed that being mentioned by aggregator channels is beneficial for The Perfect Sculpt regarding reach and brand awareness. But keep in mind that the followers of these aggregator channels do not necessarily match the desired target group of the brand. On the other hand, influencers like Amber Rose do not necessarily have to have an extremely high percentage of female followers. 

Amber Rose Gender Distribution

Gender Distribution of Amber Rose © InfluencerDB

Bestvines Gender Distribution

Gender Distribution of Bestvines © InfluencerDB

Surprisingly, some of the aggregator channels do have more female followers than the female influencers themselves have. Of course, the final performance metric is profits. Thus, it is not said that one strategy results in more conversion in the end than the other. Nevertheless, if a marketer’s main goal is to create brand awareness, the Instagram strategy chosen by The Perfect Sculpt highlights one way to do it.

Apart from these two brands, there are numerous more with similar products. Wonder how they approach influencer marketing?