Our new Community Feature empowers you to interact and engage with your most valuable fans, influencers, and customers to build long-term, sustainable relationships and use your community as your brand’s most powerful marketing asset.

The Community Feature supports you in efficiently building, managing, and activating your very own Influencer Community. Businesses like ASICS and foodspring that have engaging, dedicated, and active Influencer Communities are stepping up their influencer game by thinking beyond single collaborations and campaigns and offering their strongest partners and most dedicated fans access to their Influencer Communities.

In our fast-paced industry, only those companies that have dedicated Influencer Communities will manage to truly succeed when working with influencers in the long-run and get ahead of the curve in a space that is only becoming more crowded and noisy every day.

Enrich your Network with Inbound

Our Community Feature helps you to take the first steps in starting your Influencer Community Program.

Easily design your Influencer Community Program’s Contact Form to publish it on your website. Customize your contact form to suit your company’s aesthetics. Embed it to your website, insert it to your emails and any other online location to significantly increase your inbound requests. This makes it easy for influencers, fans, and customers to register for your Influencer Community Program and spares yourself the tedious work of outbounding to thousands of potential partners!

Influencer Community

Build Your Own Influencer Database

Once an influencer submits a request to join your Influencer Community, you will be notified via the Requests tab automatically. See essential information and the influencer’s social media channels immediately and easily accept or decline applications.

Any accepted contacts are synced to your Network automatically and appear in the Community Members list. In this list, you can add crucial information and documents and manage the influencer in your upcoming campaign through our Campaigns feature.

Your Program’s Performance at a Glance

The Performance tab allows you to monitor the performance of your Influencer Community Program. Your team has a comprehensive overview of metrics like landing page views, number of requests, request conversion rate, pending requests, and ambassadors accepted and declined. By checking this tab regularly, you will never miss an application from your most valuable ambassadors and will always stay up to speed with your Influencer Community Program.

There’s more! A sneak peek into what we’re working on

To eliminate the communication barrier, we are currently developing a Chat Functionality for the Community Feature which allows you to easily start conversations with your community.  You will be able to send individual messages to specific community members or bulk messages like newsletters to your full influencer community. Get in touch with your most dedicated fans and send individual discount codes, event invitations, exclusive content without the painstaking quest for email addresses!

Reward your community: The Reward Program allows members to collect points through actions so you can reward them with special goodies, exclusive content or event invitations.

Let your partners mingle: Your community members will be able to easily communicate with each other and exchange ideas and experiences in your Community Forums.

Are you an InfluencerDB customer and have questions about the Community Feature? Please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@influencerdb.com

Are you curious to learn more about the Community Feature or one of the many other InfluencerDB functionalities? Book a call with us!

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