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2020 just started and it’s already clear which buzzword will shake up the influencer marketing economy next: influencer community management! Entering a new decade of influencer marketing, the new big questions brands need to ask themselves are:

  • Who is part of my influencer community?
  • How can I manage them?

Getting Influencer Community Management right takes time. Once you get the hang of it, you can utilize the full potential of your community to strengthen trust in your brand. So, let’s get to the bottom of these questions. 

Why does Influencer Community Management matter?

Consumers increasingly turn to grassroots communities for product recommendations. Brand engagement is perceived as more authentic coming from like-minded peers who share the same values. The Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 already highlighted that “Influencer relatability is twice as important as popularity when it comes to product endorsements”. This implies that not every influencer is necessarily influential but that anyone can become someone else’s trusted influencer. 

By building and managing your own influencer community, you can harness the power of influence different groups have on your brand. A great example of a brand that has built a successful community is ASICS and the Frontrunner program. Learn more about how ASICS has built and scaled their ambassador community here.




Who is part of my Influencer Community? 

Your Influencer Community is not built overnight. First, you need to identify the groups of people who make up your community to be able to manage them successfully. We differentiate four groups: customers, brand ambassadors, influencers and testimonials.

Customers are already familiar with your brand as they have purchased at least one of your products. They might turn into a fan of your brand if they share their positive brand experience with others. 

Brand Ambassadors have already shown that they are interested in your brand by posting about it. They share their positive brand experience with their audience and leave (unpaid) reviews and recommendations. Brand ambassadors are great to work with, especially for marketers with limited budgets. They will oftentimes post and recommend in exchange for free products, exclusive content, discount codes etc.

Influencers frequently demonstrate how much they love your brand. They have a great influence on other people who trust their recommendations. However, your brand might just be one of many they admire.  

Testimonials clearly demonstrate a preference for your product. They maintain close contact with their own audience and therefore, are perceived as very authentic and trusted by their audience.

Note that these groups are fluent. This partially depends on your influencer outreach strategy and community management. Customers can turn into trusted influencers or influencers into testimonials and vice versa.

How do I manage my community?   

Sustain existing relationships and nurture new ones. You can never fully control the conversations happening within the community but with savvy influencer community management, you can scale and utilize its influence to your benefit.

The Influencer Community Management Software by InfluencerDB helps you to build your network, organize and maintain your influencer relations by creating lists and labels. You can track the success of your influencer’s endorsements and validate the impact of your influencer and ambassador community.






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