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Guest post by Billion Dollar Boy

Influencer marketing provides top brands with a way to reach new audiences in a personal and authentic way that gets real results. Sometimes brands will contact influencers directly, beginning new relationships with social media stars that represent similar goals. But many brands don’t have the time, connections or experience required to be able to do this effectively. And that’s where influencer marketing agencies come in.

Influencer marketing agencies take the hard work out of planning, executing and analyzing an influencer campaign. They’re available to guide brands through the complicated world of influencers, helping brands to nurture new relationships, connect with successful influencers and create exciting campaigns that have a real impact.

Finding the perfect partnerships

There are so many different influencers out there. Options range from celebrity influencers and social media superstars commanding huge price tags, to micro-influencers offering cost-effective posts with great engagement levels. It can be tricky for brands to know which influencers to work with, and which personalities might be able to get the best results for their specific campaigns. Influencer marketing agencies do this for them.


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Influencer marketing agencies know the world of influencer marketing inside out, and they’re best placed to select suitable social stars for a whole range of different requirements. They can pick out influencers based on follower demographics, environmental or political concerns, geographical location and much more.

Connecting with influencers

Finding the right influencers for a campaign might sound difficult, but sometimes connecting with these big-name personalities can be even harder. Effective influencers with an engaged follower base tend to receive quite a few messages and invitations from brands. So a brand really needs to stand out from the competition to secure a partnership and get an influencer on board.


Influencer marketing agencies tend to have good relationships with a whole range of different influencers, in industries from fashion and beauty to food and events. These established relationships make those first connections far easier. With an agency on side, brands can get their message across to influencers, and start a conversation that will pique their interest.

Providing data-driven results

Brands managing influencer marketing campaigns in-house need to do far more than provide their chosen influencers with products, imagery, and information. In fact, the work really begins after those long-awaited posts start to appear on influencers’ social feeds. When posts make their way into the world, brands need to pay close attention to a whole range of different metrics to measure the success of their campaign.

Often brands will be working with several influencers at once, so it’s vital that the brand is able to ascertain which influencers have had the biggest impact on their engagement, website hits, and sales figures. If this data is recorded and managed correctly, brands are in a much better place to plan follow-up campaigns with the influencers who have worked best for their products.

Keeping track of all of these different metrics whilst also managing an increase in product sales and an upsurge in interest from new prospects can be time-consuming. That’s why many companies rely on influencer marketing agencies to measure this data for them. Agencies keep track of all the metrics that matter in influencer marketing campaigns and can advise brands on how best to run future campaigns, based on these data-driven insights.


Agencies specializing in influencer marketing can be hugely effective in helping brands to design and run impactful influencer campaigns that get results. Nurturing new relationships with influencers is time-consuming and often requires a huge amount of work on the part of a brand. Agencies can free up this time for brands and provide specialized expertise in influencer campaign strategies.

Influencer marketing agencies take over conversing with influencers, promoting a brand’s products and negotiating payment or commission structures. Agency partners remain on hand throughout the campaign, providing real-time insights into success and measuring the impact of different influencers as a campaign draws to a close. With all of these responsibilities managed, brands are free to focus on what matters most to them: their product. 

About the agency:

The Influencer Marketing Agency based in London and New York, Billion Dollar Boy is setting a new standard for social communication through creativity and technology. The company develops cross-platform strategies optimized to leverage content, target audiences, and increase exposure. Find out more at

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