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Executing an exciting influencer marketing campaign with skyrocketing results is every marketer’s dream and aspiration! Our previous blogposts prepared you with every step you need to take for successful campaigns. Now, we want to illustrate how these steps are called into action and form a real-life campaign. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is a client of Social Match and was so kind as to allow us to use its campaign as a best practice case.

The Brand

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is a subsidiary brand of L’Oréal in the sector of luxury beauty products. The brand embodies elegance and freedom, paired with highlighting one’s personal style. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté aims at breaking the rules of fashion and beauty and empowers men and women to bend traditional guidelines.

Campaign Type & Objectives

The campaign was set up to support the product launch of two new products: The mascara The Shock and the fragrance Black Opium Floral Shock. These products were launched on the German market and aimed at a young, modern and trendy target group.



With this campaign, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté wanted to achieve a permanent change of image: The brand wants to be perceived as a luxury coolness brand with an edgy touch. Therefore, the main campaign goals were awareness and pull. The campaign’s target group are young women aged 18 to 35 who are trendy, urban and digital make-up and beauty addicts. The campaign was also aimed at highlighting the decorative cosmetics range of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and create a desire for the just launched products.


Social Match visualised the status quo and the desired objectives with the help of a spider chart. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is a high-end brand best known for its fragrances. Due to the golden packaging, the products appear precious and luxurious, but they might also be perceived as outdated.

To change this image towards a more edgy perception, collaborating with influencers was the perfect choice to shift the brand into the direction of coolness and reach a younger target group.
The spider chart was later used to identify suitable influencers that support the campaign objectives.

Spider Chart YSL

Campaign Idea

The campaign centers around the hashtag #GETASHOCK. The hashtag conveys a feeling of excitement and describes a moment of breath-taking, heart-stopping, adrenaline-rushing shock provoked by the YSL Beauté products.



A fragrance is a product that is commonly purchased in-store rather than online. Therefore, the influencers’ pictures focused more on the mascara than on the perfume. The Instagram postings were supposed to display the mascara The Shock by visualizing the topics eyes, mirror, lashes and look prior to the moment of the shock. The deep-black lashes emphasize the dramatic of the moment and provoke a dark atmosphere. The intensive look expresses the independence of its user and a hint of arrogance that displays irresistibility. The 1-2 postings per influencer displayed the YSL Beauté product alone and excluded any tagging of other brands. This part made up 60% of the campaign.

In an additional Instagram Story, the products were shown in action: The influencers used the mascara to create a makeup look and ended with the fragrance as a finishing touch. To promote the fragrance, the influencers were supposed to highlight the special feeling a woman gets when putting it on. These Get ready with me included more information on the products and made up 40% of the campaign’s total.

A special feature of the campaign was the integration of a link into the Instagram Stories that redirected the followers to a micro site. On this page, the users were able to order free samples of both products exclusively. The samples were given out on an ‘only while supplies last’ basis which enhanced the desire for the products.

Micro Site

Sample micro site

The campaign extended over the first quarter of 2017.


Roadmap of the campaign in Q1 2017

Influencer Matching

Due to the campaign’s very specific focus regarding the brand image and the target group, the chosen German influencers had to have an edgy, cool and urban appeal and had to be able to support the high-end image of the brand.


Example of influencer categories


Example of influencer positioning

Social Match therefore put the focus on the brand fit of the influencers rather than on their metrics. Thus, also influencers with a smaller reach were identified for the collaboration.

All six German influencers did an Instagram Story in addition to an Instagram post. Three of them integrated the link to the micro site into their Story. To be able to put a link into a Story, these influencers had to have an Instagram verification – displayed by a blue check mark – since only verified accounts are able to integrate links into an Instagram Story. The integration of the link that redirected the followers to a micro site was essential for the exclusive samples.


Campaign Results


The influencers told a story with their Instagram postings as well as their additional informative Instagram Stories and, thus, were able to increase the desire for the products. This desire was enhanced even more by the exclusive samples in limited quantity.

Link IntegrationLink IntegrationLink Integration

Examples of micro site link integration

The use of integrated links that redirected the followers to the sample micro site was extremely successful: The 1.000 samples were out of stock within less than two hours. Due to the immense success of this first round, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté decided to repeat this step once again with three influencers. The second round was even more succesful: Although YSL Beauté increased the sample amount to 3.000 pieces, all samples were out of stock within 1,5 hours.


Exclusive insights – property of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

The graphic above shows the results of the first sample round. It can be seen that the majority of the samples was ordered within the first hour after the influencers announced the micro site link. The circle diagram displays the success of each of the three influencers that integrated the micro site link into their Instagram Story. 98% of the followers that ordered a sample were female and more than 50% were 20 to 29 years old. Thus, the influencers were able to approach the desired target group regarding gender and age.

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Reach & Engagement

The six influencers involved in the campaign were able to reach an audience of 3.959.464 people altogether.


YSL campaign posts and reach

By the end of march, the campaign finished with 12 postings, 6 Instagram Stories, 153.026 likes and 820 comments.


Campaign results

Google Trends

Additionally, the campaign was able to raise measurable interest on Google. The Google Trends graphs show a distinct increase of searches for the keywords ysl the shock mascara and black opium floral shock over the course of the campaign.

Google Trends
Google Trends for keyword ‘ysl the shock mascara’ during the campaign

 Google Trends

Google Trends for keyword ‘black opium floral shock’ during the campaign

This case study was developed in cooperation with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Social Match, Germany’s leading influencer marketing agency.

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