The Influencer Marketing Cloud – Product Updates in July

Influencer marketing just got easier! We’ve recently added a bunch of incredibly helpful features and functionalities to our Influencer Marketing Cloud. We consolidated our latest product updates to show how innovative influencer marketers are optimizing their processes with the always improving Influencer Marketing Cloud! 

We recently welcomed a new functionality to our Management module, the Campaigns feature. Manage your influencer contacts and information and aggregate your campaign results conveniently in the Influencer Marketing Cloud!

1. Automate your influencer marketing campaigns

We want you to make better data-driven decisions, identify the best performing collaboration partners for each campaign and establish long-term relationships with influencers. Campaigns was built to accelerate your influencer marketing processes by functioning as the central hub for your entire team, keeping you up-to-date with all the relevant KPIs and providing real-time data for everyone who needs to see it. 

Campaigns gives you a full overview of your team’s progress, with the option to dive into the nitty-gritty details of your campaign. This feature will store all the relevant data for you and your team, accessible from across the world or down the hall. However your team is built, the Influencer Marketing Cloud adjusts to your needs. 

The Updated Influencer Marketing Cloud - Campaigns feature

You gave us valuable feedback after first launching Campaigns, and we have already introduced supporting features to speed up your influencer campaign progress. Once you have used the Discovery & Analytics module to find the best fitting creators for your campaign, you can now track budgets, campaign hashtags, Instagram Handles, and more in our Campaigns feature.

2. Identify new influencers with our category filters

Detect the best collaboration partners even faster with our 16 new categories in the influencer discovery filters. From family influencers to the key opinion leaders in tech to comedians, you can find exactly who you’re looking for and plenty more in the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s revamped Discovery & Analytics module. 

The Updated Influencer Marketing Cloud -New Categories

3. Discover the highest performing partners with the updated insights page!

Have you already explored our recently redesigned Insights Page? The new design on the Insights Page allows a comprehensive overview of influencers’ metrics at a glance. See essential metrics like follower numbers, engagement, follower growth and media value per post at one glance and do a deep dive into your selected influencer’s follower demographics.

The Updated Influencer Marketing Cloud -new insights page design!

4. Estimated Reach

Evaluate better than ever before how many users your influencer of choice reaches with his or her content. The new metric Estimated Reach can be found in the Audience Data section of the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s Discovery & Analytics module. 


Estimated Reach is an estimation of the number of users you can expect an influencer’s post to reach, based on a proprietary algorithm that considers a combination of an Instagram channel’s:

  • Audience Quality distribution
  • Total followers
  • Like Follower Ratio
  • Average likes from the last 4 weeks. 

This estimation you see in the Influencer Marketing Cloud is based on actual influencer insights and was developed and refined by a machine learning model. Estimated Reach empowers marketers to make educated decisions for their companies that deliver the best and most predictable ROI.

The Updated Influencer Marketing Cloud - New added metric: Estimated Reach

5. Collapsible sidebar for seamless processes

To support in the ideal influencer marketing workflow, our Influencer Marketing Cloud has gotten a new collapsible sidebar so that you can focus better on your influencer marketing processes without distractions.

The Updated Influencer Marketing Cloud - Collapsible sidebar

Stay tuned and see more exciting updates coming soon! If you have any comments or questions about the new functionalities and insights available to you in the Influencer Marketing Cloud, reach out to us on LinkedIn or email

Not yet a customer? Talk to us and learn more about the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s new functionalities!

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