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In 2020, Influencer Marketing has entered a new decade which will offer a vast array of perks, challenges, and opportunities for marketers. The influencer marketing industry has matured over the past years, and so have the platforms, players and software providers in the field. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the influencer marketing space and the impacts of the industry’s transformation.

In 2019, we have started to see a disruption of the industry: What used to work up until this point in time, does not lead to success anymore. Users cannot be won over with bland product placements any longer. Audiences are becoming more skeptical and demanding and users of all platforms are longing to be enchanted by smart campaigns, thoughtful storytelling, authentic influencers and sustainable, long-term partnerships between brands and their ambassadors.

Additionally, the platforms themselves are developing and taking actions, for example:

All these developments force marketers to rethink the way they collaborate with influencers in 2020. Strong brand-influencer-relationships need to become the crucial part and center of every influencer marketing strategy. Brands with authentic and engaging communities will stay ahead of the field and will automatically become independent from any changes the platforms are making going forward.

As of 2020, our goal is to empower brands and agencies to build, scale and utilize their influencer and ambassador communities and strengthen their influencer relationships. Independent of the recent changes, we have matured and grown out of our role as a pure data provider for the Instagram influencer marketing industry. What started as a database of influencers has developed into an extensive software for true Influencer Relationship Management

We aim at providing brands and agencies with infrastructure solutions that enable them to build influencer networks and communities, strengthen influencer relations, establish ambassador programs and do all this in a way that allows them to scale their influencer marketing activities, have a noticeable competitive advantage over other brands and agencies in this industry and consequently achieve better results. 

Our move away from data and towards becoming a holistic solution for Influencer Relationship Management will be accompanied by a change in the way we provide parts of our software. We are going through a process of change triggered by this strategic pivot as well as the overall changes coming from Instagram directly in which certain data points will not be available anymore at some point of the year. 

Because of that, we are diligently looking into ways to make it easy and seamless for our clients to gather proprietary access to first-party data directly from the platforms for influencers they are interested in as a direct result of our strategic adjustments.

Our roadmap for 2020 already contains some extremely exciting feature launches such as the integration of YouTube (coming soon!) and a new module that empowers you to build your own Influencer Community and utilize the power of your community!

We are looking forward to being a driving force in re-shaping the market yet again and turning our product into a world-class, state of the art software solution for Influencer Community Management in 2020. 

Any questions or feedback? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or schedule a call with us!

Robert Levenhagen is CEO and co-founder of InfluencerDB. He has worked with companies globally to develop scalable and effective influencer marketing strategies. Robert has co-founded five companies that have helped to make him one of Europe’s leading experts on influencer marketing, including InfluencerDB in 2016, Social Match, an influencer marketing agency, and two influencer marketing-driven e-commerce brands. Robert focuses on a combination of processes and education for the development of successful influencer marketing strategies and is a strong advocate for influencer relations, ambassador and community marketing. 

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