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Brands who provide a non-visual product like many B2B companies or SaaS face different marketing challenges than other brands. The challenges they face do not stop when it comes to influencer marketing but we need to clarify the myths that Instagram allegedly only works for brands which sell visual products.

Challenges Non-Visual Product Providers Face

The main challenge these brands face is obvious and simple. They want to pass goods on the consumer that are immaterial and most of the time digital. These characteristics let the companies’ products appear – let’s face it – unsexy.



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Secondly, non-visual product providers are usually found by consumers who specifically search for these companies as a solution to a problem. So, the purchase of these products is more likely to be based on rational criteria.

Or did you ever meet someone who randomly got a plan from Vodafone or AT&T without needing it but just for the appeal of the product?  Probably not.

Consumers usually do not stumble upon these products like they do with material goods on a shopping trip.  Material goods are likelier to be purchased due to emotional triggers.

Why Instagram Is The Right Platform For Your Marketing Strategy

Engagement rates on Instagram are the cream of the (engagement) crop! According to a study by Simply Measured, they are 15 times higher than on Facebook and 20 times higher than on Twitter. Furthermore, Instagram is the platform of choice in influencer marketing.



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Your objection is likely to be that Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that only works for brands who sell visual products, right? WRONG!

Of course, these companies face additional challenges when implementing influencer marketing on Instagram into their overall marketing strategy. But does that mean that it is impossible or bunk? NO! The fact that Instagram is a photo sharing platform is actually a huge advantage.

Let’s shed some light into the dark corners of this influential myth!

Did you know that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text? People are likelier to remember things they see visually compared to textual or audio content.



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So, whether you are a streaming provider or software, spreading visual snacks that link back to your company will make people remember your brand.


Influencers Are Storytellers

Well, influencers might not enchant your service into a sexy product but they can humanize your goods.

Influencers are content creators. Marketers facing the problem of selling a non-visual product can leverage Instagram and influencer marketing to build a story around their brand.

They can implement your product in their content and build a story around it. Let them tell the story of your product. “Do good and let influencers talk about it”.

You can benefit from their knowledge of attracting attention on social media and presenting products in the right lighting.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von tyler oakley (@tyleroakley)

Remember: a main reason why brands with material goods use influencer marketing is that the use of ad blockers is still increasing. And this affects every brand – ad blockers do not pause for services or SaaS.

Many companies use influencer marketing to primarily create awareness for the own brand. Brands selling immaterial goods can benefit from that as consumers are less likely to just stumble upon their product like initially mentioned.

In this sense, the influencers function as a testimonial for goods that are often experienced-based (of course, some companies offer trials like InfluencerDB does). And influencer marketing does not just stop right there. It is a whole section divided into many different strategies meant for different goals and needs.

Additionally, by implementing influencer marketing into your marketing strategy, your brand can pin-point its target group. Make sure to analyze the influencer’s audience in the identification process of influencers.

Two Brands Who Got The Knack Of It

Audible X Katie

Audio content is not as likely to be remembered as visualized content. But that does not stop Audible from implementing Influencers in their storytelling.  The audio book streaming service knows its business and identifies parents as one of their target groups – who did not love listening to audio books as a child?



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Stauffer Family (@kcstauffer)

The Amazon affiliated company makes a smart move by partnering with a mommy blogger and targeting other parents as potential customers.

While Audible usually gains between 50-350 new followers on a daily basis, their Instagram channel gained more than 700 new followers on the day of Katie’s posting.

Telekom X Caro Daur

It is almost impossible to provide something that is less immaterial. That does not deter a wireless carrier like Telekom who partnered with several influencers for their campaign Telekomerleben.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Caroline Daur (@carodaur)

Their biggest influencer is probably Caro Dauer but Lena Terlutter or Marie von Behrens are also partners. The media metrics of our InfluencerDB platform show how the paid partnerships boost the follower growth of the German Telekom account.

The Takeaway

Unfortunately, Instagram is often misunderstood to be limited to brands with material or “instagrammable” goods. But the photo-sharing platform can be beneficial for brands who sell non-visual products in humanizing the immaterial good sold by the company.

The synergy of picture, caption, and hashtags rounds up a story of your brand told by an influencer. It doesn’t matter how often you will talk or write about your product, let others talk about your product in a visualized content and it is likelier to be remembered.

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