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Influencer marketing is booming and becoming more and more professional. But in the hustle of jumping on the bandwagon of influencer marketing in time, some marketers forget to take some simple basics into account which are absolutely essential in the sphere of influencer marketing and trap into influencer marketing pitfalls. Working with influencers has a lot of potentials, but don’t be too casual about it!

1. Choosing Follower Numbers Over Quality

The more the merrier? Not quite! Having thousands or millions of followers does not mean that quality comes in the same package. Do not misinterpret follower count with a good range!

First of all, with influencer marketing growing constantly, businesses around it flourish likewise and vendors offering fake followers for small sums of money pop up everywhere. Hence, you should examine if the growth rates are organic.

Secondly, having a large number of followers does not mean that the influencer is also reaching all of his or her followers. Consider the quality of your influencer’s audience!

2. Ignoring The Earned Media Value

The first of the influencer marketing pitfalls is often accompanied by ignoring the importance of influencer awareness. The interactions between an influencer and his or her followers other influencers can be more decisive than the follower count. Keep in mind to check the earned media value of an influencer.

Is it high? Great! The influencer is mentioned and tagged by others a lot and enjoys a great standing in the influencer scene. Is it low? Well, the influencer still might be a good content creator but might not create the kind of awareness that you are hoping for.

3. Forgetting About Brand-Fit

If you made it around the first influencer marketing pitfalls without stumbling so far and the influencer you want to work with has a high-quality audience and good engagement rates, do not forget to consider whether this opinion leader fits your brand! On the one hand, the audience of the influencer needs to match your target group.

Check if the audience consists of mostly women when promoting a product for women. You can have the best influencer but that will not be promising if he or she does not fit your brand. On the other hand, ask yourself if this influencer’s content matches your brand’s image.

Does a fashion influencer successfully promote tramping boots or is a travel influencer more suitable?



4. Treating Influencers Like Service Providers

Treating influencers like any other advertising partner can be a great mistake! They do not tick like an agency who offers the service to create an ad campaign based on the budget of money you provide.



Influencers are human beings who consider themselves as artists and inspiring content creators. If they have great devotion for you and your brand, they are likelier to create great content for you based on intrinsic motivation.

5. Grazing The Influencer Landscape

Following up no. 4 of our influencer marketing pitfalls: Marketers underestimate the value of influencer relations. Stop randomly grazing the influencer market or working with influencers just once. If you found a perfect match, why not work with the influencer more often? No wonder so many agencies believe in double contacts when developing influencer marketing campaigns!

Working with someone who fits your brand and who has great devotion for it can only be beneficial. Influencers can convert into brand ambassadors, the bonds between your brand and the influencer will be strengthened and the authenticity of your brand ambassador will increase. Only positive effects here!

6. Downplaying Guidelines

Forgetting guidelines, rules, and regulations can be self-defeating and unfavorable in two ways. Institutions like the FTC try to regulate influencer marketing, so not disclosing that a post is sponsored might be linked back to your brand negatively.

Secondly, setting some guidelines like the use of hashtags when cooperating with influencers might be advisable to make sure your brand or brand hashtag is mentioned properly.


My Açaí bowl breakfast routine ? Booking my next adventure with @SingaporeAir #ad #FlySQ

A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on


But do not tie your influencers to a long list of Dos and Don’ts! Try to find a good balance between artistic freedom for the influencer and assuring that the created content aligns with your ideas.

7. Sticking To Just One Platform

If your owned media efforts are most successful on one specific platform, you do not necessarily need to stick to just this platform for influencer marketing.

Even though one platform seems to work better for you than others does not mean that your target group cannot be addressed through an influencer on another channel (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on…).

So get out of your comfort zone!

8. Resting On Your Oars

Influencer marketing is a never resting and constantly developing process. Do not expect to do an input-output analysis. Instead, keep tracking your campaigns and data frequently.

The influencer might still be able to affect your brand even though the cooperation already ended.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Stefanie Giesinger (@stefaniegiesinger) am

The Takeaway

Influencer marketing develops quickly and becomes professional while it is still quite newish to some marketers. This form of marketing can be efficient and beneficial for your marketing strategy if your approach to it is well-considered and not just rushed.

Keep in mind some basics that are essential for a successful approach. Even though influencer marketing is blooming, not everything is rosy!

Become aware of the metrics that are important to you and analyze influencers for your needs. Do not get trapped in these influencer marketing pitfalls if they are so easily walked around.


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