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As the influencer world is evolving and more brands perform influencer marketing campaigns regularly, it gets trickier for companies to convince influencers to participate in their campaigns. Influencers receive tons of messages daily and your emails are at high risk to get lost in overflowing mailboxes. To tackle this issue, we created a guide that will help you to rethink your outreach strategy, rewrite your influencer proposal and provides top tips on a fair pricing negotiation for both sides. Here’s a brief look into our Influencer Outreach and Negotiation e-book.

Generate interest in your brand with a personalized influencer outreach

The number one limited resource of an influencer is time. That’s why it can be hard for a company’s offer to be considered. The most important thing here is the way you contact an influencer, as the first impression is decisive about your success. Reflect which way you want to choose to contact your desired partner (personal/ impersonal) and how to go on with that. If you decide to go by email, be aware of the following points: 

Subject line

Keep it short and catch the influencer’s attention.

Email content

Quickly present your work and explain the campaign you have in mind, emphasize the brand fit and every important info like deadlines, don’t go too much into detail as the offer might be rejected.

Tone of voice

Don’t treat the influencer as an advertising tool! Instead, convince him/ her of your work. Authenticity and building strong influencer relations is the way to go.

Closing statement

End your email in a personal way offering more information or a meeting. 

Remember: Your message might not be recognized so it’s important to make yourself visible to the influencer. Liking the influencer’s posts and watching his/ her stories might help to create awareness. Follow what the influencer is doing to find out a good time for our first contact. 

Our e-book contains an outreaching template that you can edit to fit your brand, our top tips for a fair pricing negotiation and much more! Download the guide now and make your influencer outreach and negotiation a full success this year!

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