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Guest post by Florian Laue

Influencer Marketing is the perfect opportunity for businesses to reach many people exactly where they feel most at ease in a targeted way. But how do you connect with influencers in the first place and what do you have to be aware of? We’ll share tips on perfecting your influencer outreach.

As a Management, we handle the requests our 23 artists receive. We oftentimes receive more than 100 requests per day and we read every single one. We then sort out the less serious ones and contact our artists to get their opinion.

What does a serious request and a great influencer outreach look like? 

It all starts with a serious sender 

It really already starts with the medium that is being used to contact an influencer. The usual and legitimate way is an e-mail to the influencer’s email address, which you’ll find in the artist’s bio or imprint in most cases. Another option is to contact the creator via Direct Message e.g. on Instagram, but in my opinion, this option is less professional and our influencers will refer to the email address anyway.

Thus, my first recommendation is to always use the approach via email if the email address is available in the influencer’s profile. 

This way of communication also helps us to qualify the proposal at first glance. We can directly see if the email has been sent from a legitimate business account. Senders with freemail accounts seem more suspicious and come across less professional. 

The perfect inquiry

Let’s assume the sender seems serious and approached the influencer via email: What does the perfect inquiry look like? The answer is quite simple: Just think of an invitation to a birthday! 

This may sound weird at first, but if you ever planned a party you probably thought about some factors in advance: What am I planning to do? Why? Who would I like to invite? When should the party take place? 

These essential questions are also important when it comes to approaching an influencer. The more information you include, the better the management can identify the scope and feasibility of your plans. 

Influencer outreach

Example of approaching an influencer via email

The perfect influencer outreach answers the following questions: 

  • Which social media platform is being used? (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok) 
  • What kind of output is expected? (Instagram Story, Instagram Post, tip: include some examples) 
  • What’s your objective? (I recommended briefly explaining your goal) 
  • What is the project’s timeframe? (short-term projects are doable, but the time frame of the production should match) 
  • What’s your budget? (this helps us to assess your inquiry and maybe suggest a counter-proposal. For example, the budget may not be fitting for this particular influencer but it could be split among two “smaller” artists)
  • Other desires / information

The more of these questions are answered, the faster we’ll be able to provide feedback. We usually reply to the first approach within 24 hours with open questions and suggest a phone call.

To sum up: If you successfully want to reach out to an influencer, remember to deliver as much information as possible. Always have your birthday invitation in mind. 

If your brand and your expectations match the influencer, you are one step closer to a successful influencer collaboration!

At ALL IN – Artist Management, Florian Laue and Kevin Tewe represent Germany’s most influential content creators, like Rezo, Diana zur Löwen, and Gewitter im Kopf. Laue previously worked as Director of Artists & Brands at Tube One Networks and was responsible for the daily routine of the social media artists. In this role, he was responsible for over 1000 influencer campaigns for brands such as Maybelline, Neonail, Lancôme, Sky, Seat, and Universal. Connect with Florian on LinkedIn.

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