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What do creators expect from brands and agencies? How can brands and influencers communicate at eye-level? How can both parties engage in a successful and long-term partnership? We asked creators about their perspectives, wishes, and expectations for our Influencer Survey 2020. Read on to get to know the influencers’ perspective on pricing negotiations, campaign management, and long-term partnerships. 

Our Influencer Survey aimed at collecting insights on the influencers’ perspective on the influencer industry, so we asked German creators from different verticals and size ranges for their take on influencer marketing, collaborations, long-term partnerships, and compensation models.

Download the Influencer Survey e-book to get all survey results!

The graphic below displays a demographic breakdown of our Influencer Survey’s participants.

Influencer survey participants

Before the campaign 

94% of participants state having received unrealistic offers in their work life. To reduce this incredibly high number of unsuccessful approaches, it is important to prepare your outreach emails wisely in order to catch the attention and interest of your potential partner.

In our e-book, we collected the main reasons for influencers to turn down offers. Only one of the factors that have an impact on whether your offer will be considered is the compensation you offer. Our Influencer Survey revealed that most participants prefer paid collaborations over other compensation options. Download the e-book to learn if influencers like to be paid in advance and whether they prefer a fixed payment or compensation based on campaign performance. 

During the campaign

The most important factor during a campaign is the communication between the brand and the creator. Usually, content creators like to know how well the campaign is doing so that they can improve their way of communicating with their audiences if necessary. 

The participants also gave some very interesting insights on the importance of certain factors like payment, brand fit, and networking options, and they revealed which qualities make for a great, long-term brand partner that they enjoy collaborating with. 

influencer survey

The Influencer Survey e-book includes even more insights on the creators’ point of view on the influencer industry that rookies and experienced marketers can use for building stronger and more successful partnerships with their influencer communities.


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