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Exciting news: Campaigns is here! We are proud to introduce the latest feature to InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software. Our clients are at the core of our business and we always aim to cater to their needs. Campaigns has been developed from customer requests and our drive to build the best influencer marketing solution on the market. Our product development team has been working relentlessly to create this new feature with a best-in-class user experience designed to speed up and optimize your influencer marketing process!

How does Campaigns work?

Campaigns will give you full control over your influencer marketing process. This new InfluencerDB feature will end the era of quickly outdated Excel sheets and introduce streamlined campaign management. Campaigns simplifies the influencer marketing workflow by storing all data in one place, showcasing the campaign development, and automating financial calculations and reporting.

“Campaigns is an essential and crucial step when it comes to executing effective influencer marketing campaigns. What we are aiming to do with Campaigns is to fully integrate the users’ workflow with InfluencerDB’s Influencer Community Management Software. We wanted Campaigns to deliver a complete solution from managing multiple partners at once, all the way to reporting the performance of these influencers.” Dan Anisse, InfluencerDB’s VP of Product


Here is an overview of what Campaigns includes:

  •        Control your campaigns in one dashboard
  •        streamline your paperwork by having all the pieces of the puzzle under the Campaigns tab
  •        Never lose track of the influencers you collaborate with
  •        Safely store all campaign-related documents in one place
  •        Track the actual impact of your partners and create campaign reports easily

The Dashboard – A summary of all your active and archived campaigns

The Campaigns Dashboard presents all relevant information on your active and archived campaigns. Your team will always be up-to-date with your influencer marketing activities. Use Campaigns to display a summary of each of your influencer marketing campaigns including:

  1. Campaign hashtags
  2. Total number of influencers involved
  3. Campaign schedules
  4. Budget tracking
  5. Search function by campaign name or hashtags

Campaign Dashboard

Follow & customize the pipeline of your influencer marketing campaigns

The Campaign Manager gives your team control over your process as it displays a complete overview of your individual influencer campaigns with multiple collaboration partners.

You can create stages for your campaigns and virtually drag and drop influencers through a pipeline system. Customize your pipelines to achieve the most efficient solution to your team’s needs. Campaigns Manager will also allow you to track and control your campaign budgets.

Add detailed information of a deal with your collaborating influencers

The Influencer Deals page simplifies the overview of your deals and stores important elements of the partnership. Add all relevant details (type of content, schedule, payment details, contracts, and campaign brief) and use the comment section to discuss all important information your team needs. The Influencer Deal page will serve as a safe cloud to securely store all the important documents.

One of the most exciting features of the deals page is that you can auto-generate unique tracking links for each influencer and their coupon codes to track who performs best and identify the most relevant and best-performing collaboration partners that generate the highest ROI for your brand.

InfluencerDB Deals page

Store all Campaign-related documents in one place

Keep your whole team on one page by uploading all campaign-related documents to the Campaign Briefing section. Store documents securely in one place and share the development of your influencer campaigns with the team.

Track the actual impact of your influencers

The Campaign Reporting provides an aggregated breakdown of the campaign’s performance to help you to make better, data-driven decisions for your future campaigns. Follow metrics for individual collaboration partners and Manage the influencer-generated content: Forget manual tracking – our software accumulates all posts that contain the campaign hashtag. Calculate the ROI and Cost Per Click of your campaigns with auto-generated tracking links and identify the top performing collaboration partners for your future campaigns.


Campaigns covers your entire influencer marketing workflow in one place without the hassle of outdated excel sheets and distributed knowledge!

“InfluencerDB’s Campaigns-feature is very helpful for a company like us, where all influencer marketing campaigns are done in-house. We are able to access the current campaign status and to get an overview of the booked and planned influencers, the budget and the published posts anytime, thanks to the clear overview of the feature. All relevant information is visible at a first glimpse and saves a lot of time during the campaign processes.”

Saidy Elias, Campaign Manager at Paul Hewitt

Start using Campaigns now and scale your influencer marketing process!

The Campaigns feature is now available for all InfluencerDB customers. We hope that you are as excited about Campaigns as we are! We want you to make better data-driven decisions, to establish long-term relationships with influencers, and identify the best performing collaboration partners each campaign. Campaigns is committed to fasten your influencer marketing processes by keeping you up-to-date with all the relevant KPIs and providing real-time data for your entire team.

Do you want to experience how Campaigns can fasten your process and support your team in executing excellent influencer marketing campaigns?


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