We proudly present the latest addition to our Influencer Marketing Cloud: The Dashboard! It provides an aggregated view of your team’s activities and progress in the Influencer Marketing Cloud with visualized information at a glance. See the most essential KPIs of your Influencer Community in one location and streamline your Influencer Community Management process!

The Dashboard is your new home page in the Influencer Marketing Cloud and will be the first thing you see when you log in.

You’ll instantly get an overview of your team’s recent activities, the number of contacts in your Network and your Network’s growth rate. Your influencer community’s most essential KPIs are aggregated comprehensively for an accessible overview of what’s happening in your influencer community.

Influencer Marketing Cloud - Dashboard


And it gets even better: You can now easily input data on contacts directly from the Dashboard! Enrich your network with knowledge and information on your influencer community’s members to streamline your community management process.

Your Dashboard’s benefits at a glance

Your new Dashboard offers an aggregated view of your team’s activities and the most essential KPIs of your influencer community in the Influencer Marketing Cloud. 

It adds value to the actual users of the Influencer Marketing Cloud by offering a quick view at recent activities and enabling you to enrich your Network by adding information to it directly from the Dashboard. 

But there’s more: The Dashboard gives anyone, even those never actually using the software, insights into the status quo and progress of your influencer community. Impress your boss with easily accessible insights into your influencer community management and your team’s progress!

The Dashboard

  • aggregates essential KPIs from any location within the Influencer Marketing Cloud in one place fully automatically – zero work from your team required!
  • displays the progress of your team’s influencer activities at first glance
  • enriches any reporting with easily visualized data
  • adds value for the Influencer Marketing Cloud’s users and their bosses

Now let’s have a quick tour and explore your new Dashboard!

Everything the Dashboard has to offer

The Dashboard will be indicated by the Home icon in the navigation bar – click on it to come back to your Dashboard from any location in the Influencer Marketing Cloud.

On the right-hand side of your Dashboard, you’ll see some valuable metrics at a glance. 

Network Overview

The Network Overview gives you a 10,000-foot view at your Network’s contacts and lists and your Network’s Reach, the combined estimated reach of all Instagram channels in your Network. 

Dashboard - Network Overview

Network Overview

The metric Data Coverage indicates the level of data enrichment you and your team are currently at. When you enrich your Network with data such as names, e-mail addresses, ratings, and labels, you’ll automatically increase your Data Coverage. The more data you’ll have in your Network, the higher your Data Coverage and the more valuable your Network! 

Network Contacts Growth

The Network Contacts Growth graph displays how strong your Network has grown over the past three months. 

Dashboard - Network Contacts Growth

 Network Contacts Growth

A strong Network growth means you’re adding influencers to your Network constantly and are on a successful path of building your proprietary database of influencers, congratulations!

Network Reach Growth

The Network Reach Growth indicates how fast the estimated reach of the channels in your Network increases. 

Dashboard - Network Reach Growth

 Network Reach Growth

The estimated reach is an essential metric for assessing the value of any influencer channel. It goes beyond pure follower numbers and indicates the true reach of a channel based on a combination of engagement and audience quality distribution. 

We suggest aiming for a steady growth of your Network’s Reach to take advantage of your partners’ engaged audiences. 

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity Widget in the center of your Dashboard gives you an overview of the most recent changes made to contacts in your Network, like ratings, labels, lists, notes, new channels or new campaigns.

Recent Activity

Recent Activity

Stay up to date on all changes in your Network that are made by yourself and your team members and use this knowledge to form stronger bonds with the members of your influencer community!

Suggested Contacts

The Suggested Contacts Widget displays channels that are similar to those already in your Network and helps you to enrich your Network with even more valuable content creators to collaborate with.

Suggested Contacts

Suggested Contacts

Simply switch between the tabs to get recommendations for Instagram or YouTube channels you might want to add to your Network.

In order to select channels that are to your liking, we look for channels similar to those in your Network based on follower numbers, top three countries and gender split (Instagram), as well as the number of subscribers, topic and country (YouTube). 

Network Data

With the Network Data Widget, we aim at supporting you in enriching your Network with valuable information and knowledge you’ve gained “offline”. 

Network Data

Network Data

In the daily hustle, it’s easy to forget about small things like rating an influencer or adding their email address, so this widget serves as your small but mighty reminder to take just a few seconds to add these details straight from your Dashboard and make your Future Self’s life that much easier!

The Dashboard will facilitate building your own influencer database, streamline the way you manage your influencer community and help you form real bonds with your community members.

Are you an InfluencerDB customer and have questions about the Dashboard? Please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@influencerdb.com

Are you curious to learn more about the Dashboard and the many other features of the Influencer Marketing Cloud? Book a call with us!

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