Instagram is not all about beauty and fashion. If you are looking for a different way of implementing influencer marketing, these ten male-run Instagram accounts show that it’s not just women who make memorable influencers campaigns. These ten male influencers to highlight the variety that Instagram has to offer (and also may brighten up your day).

1 Devonfranklin, 1.2 Million Followers

If you are deciding between working with an influencer or a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), a person like Devon Franklin might be a great fit for your marketing campaign. An international speaker, author, and award-winning producer, he aims to inspire and motivate people through his Instagram account.

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Devon is an outstanding businessman who has been able to create a brand around himself offline and online. The New York Times best-selling author has 1.2 million people following his journey on Instagram, and his pace doesn’t seem to slow down! 

2 Teachingmensfashion, 1 Million Followers

Jose Zuniga is another successful man who has built an empire out of a strong personal brand. He is the face for the Instagram channel @teachingmenfashion, a community for men interested in dressing well and creating a recognizable style. 

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Like many influencers, Jose has transferred his social media fame into business opportunities. In addition to his successful fashion influencer career, Jose is also a multipreneur to four male lifestyle brands ESNTLS, , Jade Black, and Assuré Fragrance. Jose approaches his Instagram with a strong sense for business, making him a great choice for any brand looking to collaborate with a male influencer in the fashion industry. 

10 male influencers

3 Father_of_daughters, 1 Million Followers

Simon, the father of four primary school-aged girls, turned his fatherhood into a career in social media and literature. Simon is a published author, as is his wife Mother of Daughters Clemmie. The power couple has been sharing their family lives on Instagram for years now, and Simon especially has been steadily growing a massive following of current and future parents with day-to-day glimpses into his family life. 

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Simon’s book “Dadlife: Family Tales from Instagram’s Father of Daughters” has been a great success for his brand “Forever outnumbered”. Due to his authenticity, he would be a great choice for the right influencer marketing campaign.

4 Brosbeingbasic, 957 Thousand Followers 

Bros Being Basic is a meme account finding humor in reversed gender roles, specifically around trends related to female Instagram influencers. There is no Insta-trend that these guys wouldn’t miss and make fun of! From sleepovers to pool parties with floating animals, these bros give their best in the imitation game. And it works – ¾ of their audience are females! These lads know how to build relatable content for their audience, and would make good partners for a self-aware brand.

5 Jaadiee, 524 Thousand Followers

Jannik, the founder of this Instagram account, is a German street style photographer. However, unlike many male influencers his age, Jannik does not document himself. Instead, this popular influencer account showcases Jannik’s grandfather rocking streetwear, a humorous departure from the norm.

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Jannik shares his grandfather’s most polished styles on Instagram every week, and together the pair attracts over half a million people on the account. This duo is a great alternative option for fashion brands who work with edgy, creative collaboration partners! 

6 Justaconstructionguy, 523 Thousand Followers 

Omar the construction guy  is a great example of a brand going viral with influencer marketing. This account started as a PR stunt by a small roastery brand Cuvee Coffee. Omar was presented as a random man who had recently discovered Instagram. He made his first appearance on Instagram as an everyday lad, striving to be an influencer.

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His emergence and the humorous way of building the Instagram account drew a lot of attention from the media, and he quickly morphed into a bonafide, beloved male influencer. 10 days after creating his Instagram account, he already had more than 500k followers! Despite the common knowledge that his account started as a marketing stunt, Omar’s audience remains and still enjoys his humorous posts. 

7 Miserable_men, 346 Thousand Followers

Have you come across men who accompany their spouses for their shopping sprees, desperately looking for a possibility to sit down? The answer is probably yes, and there’s an Instagram account for you. Miserable Men is a tribute account to all those husbands and boyfriends, being bored to death, waiting for their partners to finish their shopping. 

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The Instagram account is bringing awareness of “the global epidemic of men that went shopping”. The phenomenon seems amusing to many, as the account has over 340,000 followers! 

8 Boyfriends_of_insta, 240 Thousand Followers

If you didn’t yet have a laugh today, you will after checking this account. Boyfriends of Insta highlights funny daily situations involving female influencers and their boyfriends. The Instagram boyfriend’s job of taking photos can appear very silly to other people, especially when he’s looking for the exact right angle. This account shows the ups and downs – mostly the downs – of this work. 

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Boyfriends of Insta is poking fun at the career of an “Instagram husband” the people behind influencers’ cameras. The Instagram account captures how far sometimes the spouse has to go to catch the perfect Instagram picture. 

9 Davidcyril_sw, 110 Thousand Followers

86 years old, David seems to stay forever young. He shares his weight loss journey and the positive attitude towards a lifestyle change on his Instagram channel. The happy ambassador of healthy habits has over a hundred thousand followers on his Instagram, and to continue spreading the word of his journey, he recently expanded to YouTube as well. David’s inspiring journey seems to be leading him to a lifestyle influencer’s career next! 

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10 Chebmoha, 30.9 Thousand Followers

ChebMoha is one of the pioneering Middle Eastern male influencers, and a young photographer, stylist, and designer from. He spreads Arabian fashion and style around the world, and gained name while shooting promotion material for KSA’s Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) for Nike

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His followers get to better understand this world through his eyes and learn more about local traditions. His account already attracts 30 thousand people and the account’s growth shows no signs of stopping.


Per Statista, 84% of influencers are female, so it’s possible that male influencers have shied away from sharing their passions. This male influencers list shows that not only do male influencers exist but that they similarly get creative with how they present themselves to the world. Social media, and Instagram specifically, empowers creators around the world to express themselves and accumulate a following for their ideas – regardless of gender.


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