My Network – Our Brand New Influencer Relationship Management Feature!

Exciting news! We completely overhauled and enhanced our My Network feature! The advanced version comes as a powerful tool to facilitate your influencer relationship management in one place, offers essential influencer contact, value, and pricing information and is accessible for all your team members to keep each of you up-to-date.

What is my network?

My Network is a powerful tool to manage your influencer relations in one place. You can collect all relevant influencer and campaign data in one place. It’s great for teamwork and will save you precious time knowing right away which influencers have already been looked up and analyzed.

How To Find Your Existing Lists

Wondering where to find your “old” lists? No worries, they still exist!

In the far left navigation bar, go to My Network. To the right, you’ll find the section Influencer Tags. Clicking the Filter by Tags box will open a drop-down menu and display all your already existing lists, which we transformed into tags.

Clicking on a tag will list all influencers the tag was added to. You can now filter within that tag to find specific influencers, for example by follower numbers, hashtags, or categories.

My Network Influencer Tags

Read on to learn how to add influencers to your My Network section and how to create new tags.

How to Use My Network

Identify Fitting Influencers

Use our Research Database, the Find Influencers section, to identify influencers.

Several filters (hashtags, languages, countries, categories) will help you find influencers which precisely fit your needs.

My Network Find Influencers

Add Influencers to My Network

If you have found a suitable influencer, click on the related profile. On the far left in the navigation bar, click on the section IRM (Influencer Relationship Manager) and click the Add To My Network button.

My Network Influencer Relationship Manager

Add Tags

Now, use the Tags section to the right to add tags to the influencer.

My Network Tags

For example, use the campaign name, features of the influencer (British female bloggers), or any kind of specifics you find suitable to help you organize your network (skincare experts, trending influencers, Top 10 US travel influencers, etc.).My Network Manage Tags

So instead of adding an influencer to a lists, the updated feature now lets you add tags to the influencer.

In the tags section, you will see all tags which have been added to the influencer by either you or other team members.

Add Comments

A completely new feature within My Network is the Comments section. Here, you can submit facts, important information, and essential data about the influencer.

My Network Comments

All your team members will be able to see the comments. If an influencer was especially valuable for a previous campaign, or, on the contrary, is not advisable to work with for future campaigns, note it here!

Each team member will see this information at first glance, which saves you time and likewise facilitates communicating with company members in other countries.

Add Contact Information

This section lets you add contact information of the influencer and the associated management.

My Network Contact Information

Again, the data will be visible for your colleagues and there is no need for additional management systems.

Add Influencer Ratings

Here, you can assess influencers based on their content quality, brand fit, and celebrity status, ranking from very low to very high.My Network Influencer Ratings

For future campaigns, your team will see at first glance how valuable the influencer is for your brand regarding the mentioned factors and decide whether the influencer is a great choice or not.

If you consider purchasing the influencer’s content for your owned media channels (website, reposts, etc.), check the box Content Buyout.

Watch out for even more exciting options launching in this section soon!

Keep an overview with the Activity Stream

All changes made within the Influencer Relationship Manager will be listed in the Activity Stream to keep your team in the loop. You can see which section was edited and which team member edited it.

My Network Activity Stream

With our updated My Network feature, there’s no more need for inflexible excel sheets and uncountable tools for your influencer relationship management! Each team member will have access to essential influencer information which will simplify and accelerate your processes and save time for execution rather than spending time for organization.

But that’s not all – watch out for additional functions which will be added to our influencer relationship management feature My Network soon! We’ll update you right here.