We are pleased to introduce our updated Network feature! Reduce your work of manually creating lists in quickly outdated excel sheets and keep an overview of your collaboration partners at any point in time from any location. Build your proprietary influencer database, create your own labels and properties for your ideal network management, and transform the knowledge and information you have collected on your influencer partners into your most valuable asset!

Manage – Create your own structure

By clicking on ‘Manage’ you will now be able to set up all your Network characteristics in one section. This helps you to get an overview of ratings, added labels, and customized properties you added before and keeps your Network neat and organized.

Network Feature


You can add ratings about your personal interests e.g. type of content, personality, or Quality of the influencer. This helps you and your team to easily identify the influencer-brand-fit for your next campaign.

The ratings appear in the influencer’s contact page which you can adjust by clicking on ‘Manage Ratings’. Here you will also be able to add stars to ratings or delete superfluous ones, so that you can always check these criteria when planning a new collaboration.

Network Ratings

Custom Properties

In this section, you can add any important information on the influencer e.g. hair/ eye colour, age, shoe size, etc. Add up to 8 properties to show on the contact page and support your team in identifying the influencer’s interests as well as personal information. This also prevents you from sending out the wrong products. Before offering a product, make sure to check the customized properties!

updated Network Feature


Add labels to the contact which you created in advance. If you’re planning a campaign, you can set up a label and add any influencer to it to finally decide on the right choice for your objectives.

Network Labels

Ratings Filter – See your best-performing partners at a glance

You added many influencers to your Network and now want to only see the ones with a particular rating? You can now easily filter your ratings by entering the criteria you are looking for!

updated Network Feature

New Channels – Add Spotify and Websites

As of now, you can assign a Spotify profile as well as a personal website to the contact. The contact page then displays all the associated channels.

Network Feature - New Channels

Contact Attachments – Store documents safely in one location

Store every document in one place by uploading important documents e.g. briefing and contract to your contact. Never get lost in multiple files and folders on your computer and keep your team up-to-date with the latest information!

Network Export – Take crucial information offline

You need to store essential KPIs in an excel sheet? We got you covered! Export the influencer’s insights of each channel into an Excel sheet with one simple button click.

updated Network Feature

Main Search – We prioritize your contacts

See contacts from your network first! Our search functionality now prioritizes your network’s contacts and displays them on top. Easily search for any contact in the search bar and navigate to the contact’s detail page in your Network from here. This functionality allows you to add data and information to your contacts even quicker and enrich your Network without any search hassle!

updated Network Feature

All updates will be reflected on your Dashboard automatically so you’ll always be able to keep track of the latest developments on your Network.

Are you curious to learn more about the Network Feature or any other InfluencerDB Feature? Visit us at influencerdb.com!

Are you an InfluencerDB customer and have questions about the Network Feature? Please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@influencerdb.com.

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