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Louisa Schnüttgen is Head of Account Management and Co-Founder of Germany’s leading influencer marketing agency Social Match.
Social Match connects brands and influencers on a national and global level.

In our first article of the series The 5 Steps of Successful Influencer Marketing Strategies, we gave you an overview of the steps Social Match uses to execute thrilling and efficient influencer marketing cooperations: Onboarding, planning, matching, execution, and evaluation. Now, we want to delve deeper into the topic to ensure you will be well prepared for future influencer marketing cooperations. We talked to Louisa Schnüttgen of Social Match about the first step of every campaign: The onboarding process.

Strategy Onboarding

Louisa, thanks for sitting down with us today!
At Social Match, your first step for any influencer marketing activity is the onboarding. What is the purpose of having an onboarding process?

It is my pleasure!

The onboarding process serves as the first step for all of our influencer marketing strategies. We at Social Match use the onboarding to get to know and understand our customer better. Therefore, we analyze the status quo of the customer and figure out which problems occurred for the company or brand in the past. We also want to learn how the customer evaluates influencer marketing in general and which objectives the customer or the company want to accomplish.

For every customer or brand, we explicitly differentiate between measures for branding and product-related measures as well as long-term and short-term methods. Each method is associated with different actions. Many companies are oblivious to these distinctions until we start communicating with them about it. Some customers expect to solve all problems with one measure which is not possible.

What makes the onboarding process so important?

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new topic for a lot of companies and not every marketer has extensive knowledge in this field. In the long run, we want our customers to have full expertise and build know how in this sector. We believe that we get the best results by communicating at eye level with companies.

With the help of the onboarding process, we meet our customers at their status quo and develop a strategy from that point on. Without this process, the development of an individual strategy concentrated on the customer is impossible.

As a service provider, we aim to be as beneficial as possible for our customers instead of providing solutions off the rack that will not be of any benefit in the long run.

Which steps belong to the onboarding process?

In a first conversation, we get to know our customer and the person in charge to evaluate the status quo.

We explore: On the basis of which KPIs is the marketer’s performance measured within his or her company? Has the company already applied influencer marketing measures in the past? Which department is responsible for influencer marketing?

We also request existing lists of cooperations and analyze reportings that emerged in the past. Furthermore, our customers fill out an onboarding questionnaire which helps us to understand the customer even better and become acquainted with the brand.

To visualize our findings, we use a spider chart. This helps to clarify the status quo and what the company would like to have achieved by the end of a campaign.

Onboarding Spider Chart

Is the onboarding process similar for every customer or do you handle it individually for each company?

In our first conversion with the customer, we already decide on the strategy we want to pursue. We then adjust the onboarding questionnaire accordingly.

Each company comes with individual necessities and demands. Therefore, a customized support is our highest responsibility.

If you are excited to learn more about influencer marketing strategies and how to use the 5 steps for your company’s benefit, stay tuned and explore the upcoming articles of this series! You can also watch our on-demand webinar on what brands should expect when working with social media influencers through an agency. 

This series was developed in cooperation with Social Match, Germany’s leading influencer marketing agency.

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