Operation Instafamous: From 0 to 10,000 Followers (3)

Free Instagram followers! Get 1 million followers in 1 week! Fast and simple ways to gain a massive follower base!
If you have ever googled any keyword in connection with Instagram, you probably came across headlines like those above. Pages, tools and providers promise huge numbers of followers in no time. We wondered: Does it work? Can we really go from 0 to 10,000 in 4 weeks? Let us find out and start Operation Instafamous!

Some of our previous blogposts revolved around fake followers, follow-for-follow abuse and the importance of organic followers for influencer marketing. We started to wonder if methods like follow-for-follow and like-tools are really that big of a deal for increasing follower numbers. Of course we are aware that such fake followers are invaluable for influencer marketing purposes, but nonetheless: You have to start somewhere, right? At least that is what seems to be the common motto of a lot of influencers these days, especially since companies still put a great value on reach when starting influencer marketing campaigns. So, will initially getting followers the shady way really attract organic followers in the end? And how fast can we take our channel from 0 followers to skyrocketing numbers?


Instagram explicitly forbids the participation in like, share and follower exchange programs and requests users to only post comments tailored for the person. We are aware of Instagram’s legal terms and do not encourage any Instagram user to infringe these terms as this might result in getting banned from the platform. We will use our accounts solely for the purpose of the ‘Operation Instafamous’ blogposts and do not intend to use the assembled followers for commercial reasons.


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If you are interested in joining us on our journey, then stay tuned! We will update you every Friday with our findings from the past week. Missed last week? Read all about week 1 and week 2 here!


Day 15

Last week we started to use engagement groups: We had to interact with the content of other users while they did the same with our content. We felt that by doing this, the amount of comments and likes on our channels increased, but the follower growth did not change. We noticed that since we used the engagement groups for all three accounts at once, we cannot really track if the accounts would have grown slower without using the groups.

So for today, we will use the coloredart_ account in the engagement groups only, to see if this account will have a larger growth than the other two channels. We will do this for 5 hours in a row.

comments comments

After five hours, we got plenty of comments on our uploaded pictures, but the results regarding the follower growth are still disappointing.

follower growth with engagement groups

This is the absolute follower growth of all three accounts and as you can see, avocadose_ and german_gems did way better than coloredart_. This is very noticeable, since we participated in the engagement groups with coloredart_. This shows that although the engagement on our pictures increased, the follower growth seems not to be impacted by that.

This assumption is also backed by the fact that we did not get our regular likes by Jay on our recent pictures like we used to in the first weeks. But we still did not notice a decrease in follower growth.

Day 16

We found out yesterday that using engagement groups is a nice way of gaining a few more comments on a posted picture on Instagram, but is in no way helpful when it comes to gaining followers. Therefore, we will stop using those engagement groups from now on.

For today, we are just going back to our previous strategy, which means using Instagress for all three accounts with their optimal settings.

In the evening we reached the amount of followers on each account as shown here:

Followers Day 16

Day 17

This week is all about experimenting with different strategies to boost our follower growth even more. Therefore, we will try another method today: We will not do anything, meaning no Instagress and no manual interaction. The only thing we will do is post the same amount of pictures as usual.

By doing this we want to see how many followers we can gain naturally within one day.

This is the result:Follower growth with no activity

As you can see in the graphic, the avocadose_ account managed to gain 34 followers, even without using Instagress or liking and following selected images by hand. German_gems and coloredart_ still grew a little bit, but are running far behind in comparison to the avocadose_ account. This shows that they can still not be found easily by others on Instagram and therefore will need the further use of bots to grow.

Day 18

Well, it is day 18 today and never since Operation Instafamous started did we dare to go for the highest setting on Instagress. As a precaution, we always went for the recommended settings because we were scared of getting banned.

Anyways, today we will be going for full speed on the coloredart_ account. To track the results and to check if it is effective to do so, we will directly compare it to the german_gems account. Avocadose_ will be left out, since we already saw that the organic growth is very high at the moment so that a comparison to the slower growing accounts is therefore not advisable.

The following settings are the ones we are going for on the coloredart_ account, and are also the highest possible settings on Instagress:

Instagress settings for coloredart_

After two hours we can already see that coloredart_ is interacting a lot more than german_gems does and the other noticeable thing is that we did not get a warning or a ban from Instagram yet.


Keeping this in mind, we believe that it will be alright to continue using Instagress with these settings for another few hours. After four more hours of waiting, we still did not get any negative response from Instagram, which shows that these settings might not be as dangerous as we thought they would be. So, after six hours, we achieved the following results:

growth with different Instagress settings

It is very surprising, that even though the coloredart_ account liked and followed nearly twice as much as the german_gems account did, it still comes off badly regarding follower growth. So for now we can say that it does not seem to have any advantage to increase the Instagress settings to a very high value.

We decide to give it another try overnight, so that we have a longer interval to track the results. After that we will draw a conclusion whether it makes sense to go for very high settings for an Instagram automation tool like Instagress or not.

Day 19

Today it is clear to see that the accounts follower growth increased over night. Despite the fact that coloredart_ did not get the advantage that we thought it would get by scaling up its settings, we can make a point by saying that high settings might be worthwhile over a long period of time.

growth with different Instagress settings

However, another fact that is certain is that you should not take the risk of going for higher settings than the recommended ones because there is still a chance you might get banned and lose your channel. We did not get banned but heard of a lot of people who did, so maybe we just had a bit of luck this time. As you can see, it is not really worth the risk, since you still have to wait for quite a while in order to get followers, so why not wait for just a bit longer (with the recommended settings like we used them for german_gems) and not having the risk of a sudden and also final ban?

If you do not mind getting banned or you just want to reach a certain amount of followers within a short time period, here is a really important tip for you: Use very distinct tags on Instagress for your channels. For example, since we used the hashtag #makeupisart for the coloredart_ account, an obvious assumption is that just a few percent of the people we have reached are interested in our kind of artful makeup, but all the other just want to see regular makeup looks.

Because of that we might not gain as much followers as we thought we would, whereas #avocado for the avocadose_ account would reach all the people who like avocados without any exception.

Day 20

For today, we do not have any special strategies in mind. All we are going to do is using Instagress for the three accounts, running with a setting which is a little bit higher than the recommended values.

At the end of the day, after uploading our usual amount of pictures, we now reached the following values:

Followers Day 20

Day 21

It is time to have another look at our InfluencerDB analyses:

follower growth avocadose_

follower growth coloredart_

follower growth german_gems

When we compare the current data to the data from last week, we can directly see that the percentage of follower growth has increased for all three channels. That is a very good sign which also contributes to our assumption that we will gain more followers in a shorter time once we reached a certain threshold of followers.

Leaving the third week behind, we can now look back at the development of our accounts followers from day 15 up to today: 

Follower growth day 17-23


Curious about how Operation Instafamous continues? Join us again next week to find out!


Instagram explicitly forbids the participation in like, share and follower exchange programs and requests users to only post comments tailored for the person. We are aware of Instagram’s legal terms and do not encourage any Instagram user to infringe these terms as this might result in getting banned from the platform. We will use our accounts solely for the purpose of the ‘Operation Instafamous’ blogposts and do not intend to use the assembled followers for commercial reasons.