Operation Instafamous: From 0 to 10,000 Followers (4)

Free Instagram followers! Get 1 million followers in 1 week! Fast and simple ways to gain a massive follower base!
If you have ever googled any keyword in connection with Instagram, you probably came across headlines like those above. Pages, tools and providers promise huge numbers of followers in no time. We wondered: Does it work? Can we really go from 0 to 10,000 in 4 weeks? Let us find out and start Operation Instafamous!

Some of our previous blogposts revolved around fake followers, follow-for-follow abuse and the importance of organic followers for influencer marketing. We started to wonder if methods like follow-for-follow and like-tools are really that big of a deal for increasing follower numbers. Of course we are aware that such fake followers are invaluable for influencer marketing purposes, but nonetheless: You have to start somewhere, right? At least that is what seems to be the common motto of a lot of influencers these days, especially since companies still put a great value on reach when starting influencer marketing campaigns. So, will initially getting followers the shady way really attract organic followers in the end? And how fast can we take our channel from 0 followers to skyrocketing numbers?


Instagram explicitly forbids the participation in like, share and follower exchange programs and requests users to only post comments tailored for the person. We are aware of Instagram’s legal terms and do not encourage any Instagram user to infringe these terms as this might result in getting banned from the platform. We will use our accounts solely for the purpose of the ‘Operation Instafamous’ blogposts and do not intend to use the assembled followers for commercial reasons.



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If you missed our previous blog posts on this topic, read all about week 1week 2 and week 3!


Day 22

Today, the last week of our Operation Instafamous starts. There will be still seven more days to go, but today we have already made a decision.

We decided to invest all of our time in the avocadose_ channel from now on. From day 1 on, our goal was it to amass as many followers on Instagram as we possibly can in four weeks. During the previous weeks we figured out that german_gems and coloredart_ both have a solidly follower growth, but are not able to keep up with the growth of avocadose_. Therefore, we will concentrate on avocadose_ alone for the last week of our project.

These are the values that our three channels reached so far:

Followers Day 22

You can see clearly that avocadose_ is the channel we should be going for regarding follower growth.  

At the end of the week we will have a final look at all three accounts and also at their development over the weeks, but for now, german_gems and coloredart_ will be left out of our further actions.

Day 23

Today, we will do an experiment: When you google “How to get more followers on Instagram”, one of the first results coming up is an article on Forbes, teaching you 50 things to do if you want to gain more followers for your Instagram account. One of these things is this advice used by Neil Patel:


Since we also realized in the past that it can be really effective to do things like following, liking and commenting on other channels manually and not just letting Instagress do all the work (as mentioned in our previous articles from week 2 and week 3), we will give the suggested strategy a try.

What we will do is like a large amount of pictures tagged with #avocado with our avocadose_ channel. We will do this for five hours straight and see if we will be able to gain as many followers as the Forbes article suggests.

So after the first five hours are over, we get an average result of 4.8 followers per 100 liked pictures. Taking into consideration that it just takes around two minutes of our time to like 100 images by hand that is a fantastic result, even though it does not equal the 6.1 gained followers Neil Patel managed to reach.

What is very noticeable is that this strategy does not seem to work in the morning and around noon. We mainly gained new followers from 2.30 pm on. The reason for this is probably that more than 30% of our followers are from the US:

Follower demographics of avocadose_Follower demographics of avocadose_

We operate from the Middle-European time zone, which means that our US followers probably just have breakfast and get ready for the day while it is already afternoon for us. Accordingly, they are still asleep while we interact with their pictures in the morning and therefore do not react or follow back like they do in the afternoon.

Day 24

Keeping yesterday’s insights in mind, we start this day off by using Instagress as usual and tell the tool to interact with pictures tagged with #avocado and #avocadotoast. We now know that it does not make sense to like pictures manually in the first half of the day, which is why we just save our time and wait for the afternoon.

By 2.30pm we switch the strategy and stop Instagress. From now on we use yesterday’s tactic and start liking hundreds of pictures. Again, that does sound like a lot of work, but you have to keep in mind that liking one picture is just a simple mouse klick.

With this strategy, we managed to reach the following amount of followers in the evening:

Growth within 24 hours

So as you can see, we almost gained 100 new followers, which is one of the best results we have reached over the past weeks. This shows how effective this method is and that we should definitely continue using this strategy.

Day 25

Today we will have a look at our followers’ engagement on our account.

As you already know, we stopped participating in engagement groups last week (read more here). Taking part in these groups got us a whole lot of comments, sometimes up to 30 per picture, but that was in no way effective when it came to follower growth. It was also very time-consuming to write an individual comment under every person’s picture in the group, since it was not allowed to just post a word or an emoji.  

So after leaving these groups we were very curious whether people would still comment on our pictures or not. The result was surprising. Until today there is not a single image on the avocadose_ account without a comment. And in contrast to the comments from the engagement group, these comments were written on a voluntary basis and are also related to the content of our channel.

Comments without engagement groups

Besides that we also stopped using Jay’s likes. Remember, we just had to send him a link and he would give us around 300 likes on our picture immediately. What we thought would be a good strategy to attract new followers turned out to be as useless as the comments from the engagement group when it comes to increasing our follower base.

Similar to our amazement regarding the amount of comments we still get, we are also pleased to see the number of likes that still come in without Jay’s help. In the third week we already examined how many likes we are were able to gain without doing anything for a day. At this point, we get about 150 likes per picture, 50 of them within the first two hours.

Likes without engagement groups

Likes without engagement groups


Day 26

Like every Monday, it is once again time for new analytics from InfluencerDB. During the last seven days the tool collected even more information regarding the avocadose_ account and therefore offers the following data:

Growth Analysis Day 26Growth Analysis Day 26

Within one week, the follower growth increased by almost 800% so that it now reached a growth of 2,600%. This fact supports our decision to solely focus on the avocadose_ channel since we now see that it is indeed the account with the highest chance to attract a huge following.  

Day 27

As we will reach the end of our Instagram experiment tomorrow, we will now have a look at the amount of followers that each of the three accounts reached over the last four weeks. There will certainly be a few additional followers by tomorrow, but there is no doubt regarding the “winner” of this experiment:

Followers Day 27

The avocadose_ account counts nearly twice as many followers as coloredart_ or german_gems. During the last two weeks it was no longer a head-to-head race since the avocadose_ account grew enormously every day while the other two accounts almost stayed at the same level.

Tomorrow, we will have a look at the development of the accounts and also think about reasons for the success of the avocadose_ channel.

Day 28

Our Operation Instafamous: From 0 to 10k followers in 4 weeks is coming to an end today. The following graphic gives an overview of the development of the three accounts during the last four weeks:

Follower Growth 4 weeks

If you compare the title we chose for our Operation with the graphic above it is clear to see that we did not even come close to 10,000 followers, but the experiment was still a success.

We got a lot of insights into different methods and whether they are useful or not in order to amass a lot of followers in a short period of time. The following graphic shows the most important turn in our experiment:

Follower growth

Those were the five significant days that clarified that avocadose_ would probably be the winner of the Operation Instafamous. It started slowly and until Day 16 we were not sure whether coloredart_ would be able to catch up, but from Day 17 on it was hardly possible for the other two channels to close the gap of almost 100 followers. And what was an assumption at first turned out to be the truth during the last day. The rest is history.

We hope you enjoyed our project and thank you for joining us on our journey!


In the next blog post of this series, we will summarize the results of Operation Instafamous and explain how these results came into being. Can tools like Instagress and methods like follow for follow really boost your channel’s growth effectively? Join us again next week to find out!


Instagram explicitly forbids the participation in like, share and follower exchange programs and requests users to only post comments tailored for the person. We are aware of Instagram’s legal terms and do not encourage any Instagram user to infringe these terms as this might result in getting banned from the platform. We will use our accounts solely for the purpose of the ‘Operation Instafamous’ blogposts and do not intend to use the assembled followers for commercial reasons.