People Adore Dior! – The Positive Effects of High Earned Media Values On Brand Channels

Earned media might be the most valuable form of media values, as it suggests that people talk about your brand without being paid for it. This value can be rather erratic and sometimes shows sudden upwards spikes. Therefore, we want to take a look at brands with high earned media values in the following. What caused these high earned media values? Who mentioned the account? How do brand channels profit from high earned media values?

Calzedonia’s #Girlganginmykonos

In the beginning of June 2017, the Italian legwear and beachwear retailer Calzedonia started a campaign in Greece launching its new beachwear collection in collaboration with the HotelBrain Managing Company. For the campaign, thirteen international influencers were invited to Mykonos to try out Calzedonia’s new beachwear and to participate in several activities offered by HotelBrain.

Among others, Jessica Goicoechea, Louise ThompsonCarolina Loureiro, and Caroline Daur were part of the campaign. The group was quite international with influencers coming from America, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, England, and Belgium.

Influencers Create Awareness

During the time of the campaign, the influencers obviously mentioned the Instagram channel of Calzedonia several times, which had a positive effect on the earned media value of the brand’s channel. Calzedonia accumulated a total earned media value of 318,626$ during the first week of June, as the green columns suggest. This value is more than six times higher compared to the earned media value of the prior week.

Earned Media Value CalzedoniaExample of Calzedonia’s earned media value © InfluencerDB

Which Other Factors Come Along With High Earned Media Values?

Due to the influencers reach, Calzedonia managed to reach a new target group on Instagram. Calzedonia also gained more than 19k new followers during the week of the campaign.

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Moreover, Calzedonia’s Instagram channel received twice the number of comments in all kinds of languages due to the international influencers. A significant change of the Like Follower Ratio cannot be observed.

All in all, collaborating with international influencers did not only increase Calzedonia’s earned media value but also drove traffic to Calzedonia’s own Instagram channel and created even more awareness for the brand on an international level.

Dior – The Earned Media Value of a Global Influential Brand

Past May, Maria Grazia Chiuri presented her second collection as Dior creative director at the 2018 Dior cruise collection presentation taking place in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Due to the presence of tons of influential stars who diligently posted during and after the event, the earned media value of the Dior Instagram channel increased significantly.

Earned Media Value DiorExample of Dior’s Earned Media Value © InfluencerDB

The earned media value totaled in 2,037,668$ during the week of the show, resulting in a plus of 1,717,364$ compared to the prior week. The 100k new followers the Dior Instagram channel gained during the week are an almost insignificant growth for the channel.

No wonder: The channel already has more than 16m followers! But still, the campaign was able to create even more awareness for the brand. So even a brand like Dior still has room for improvement!

They Adore Dior!

The mention count of Dior more than doubled with a total of 4,326 mentions. Remember that this just refers to one week! The account was oftentimes mentioned in the captions of postings in particular, which is even more valuable in contrast to mentions in photos.

Stars like Kelly Rowland, Nick Jonas, Miranda Kerr, Chiara Ferragni or Anna Dello Russo mentioned the account in their own postings.

Obviously, a Dior event itself already attracts a lot of global media attention and is gladly mentioned by others because as a high-fashion brand known all over the world, Dior has a high level of influence within the fashion universe.

But from an analytical perspective, it is interesting to observe the great positive effects a high earned media value still has on a global brand that is enjoying constant buzz anyway.

The Takeaway

Earned media describes what kind of buzz is going on around your brand, meaning that a high earned media value typically indicates that you are accomplishing awareness. Moreover, the value affects several factors positively.

Therefore, the follower reach, the follower growth, and the general engagement are increasing factors in the context of a high earned media value. Being mentioned makes your account more attractive for people that are already following your account and also attracts new followers.

Additionally, it increases the chances of a great engagement through comments and likes. Thus, earning value is a great win all along the line!


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