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Guest post by Ashleigh Reinboth

Video on the internet accounts for a staggering 80% of global traffic. 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name videos as the type of content with the best ROI and say they grow revenue 49% quicker than non-video users. 

And just as you’d finally nailed “the shot” for your Instagram feed! Your time and effort is better spent on video content… Sounds daunting right? 

Mastering yet another medium of content creation can feel overwhelming, but the opportunity to reach new people and potential clients via videos is real! In this article, I hope to decode the analytics around video and share my best tips and tricks on how to get people tuning in. 


As Social Media Marketing Manager for Haircare, I create and track video performance regularly, but recently I was shocked to discover the impact a single video could have on our following. 

At Perth salon, Circles of Hair, I filmed a simple curling technique video – any hairstylist could create the same content. After posting the video I tapped on the insights button and saw the video directly generated 234 new followers for the Instagram account. 

The Stats Don’t Lie

This result demonstrates Instagram is favouring video content over images in its algorithm. To put it simply, if you post a video, it will be placed in more user’s news feeds and in the explore function tab, meaning your content will reach a larger number of people! 

If you’re still not convinced about the rise of video content, then let me bring this four-lettered word to your attention – IGTV. Instagram first introduced IGTV last June 2018 s a standalone app. The platform lets users upload vertical videos up to 10 minutes long and is part of Instagram’s strategy to take on YouTube. Since its launch, the company has been aggressively pushing the platform by integrating IGTV into the main Instagram app. IGTV videos are now heavily featured in the Explore tab and most recently IGTV posts now have previews directly into your main profile feed. 

There’s no doubt that the algorithm is favouring IGTV content. Having tested the new channel on Haircare’s Instagram account, we have seen an increase in our video views when posting content under IGTV compared to a normal feed post. 

Tips to Create Engaging Video Content

There are multiple ways to integrate video content into your social strategies and trying it out in all areas – in the feed, as a story, and on IGTV – is the surest way to work out what your audience engages with the most. 

 My advice is -”start”! Start trying video and IGTV today and rather than fear change, have fun in the new medium and embrace it. 

What types of content you should create for each platform?

Each social media platform comes with its individual challenges and benefits when it comes to video content. Make sure you produce video content that caters to each platform’s prerequisites. Here’s a quick guide on how to create video content for Instagram’s news feed, IGTV, and Instagram Stories.

Creating creative Instagram video content will boost your engagement and your audience will appreciate the details they’ll get from videos compared to static Instagram posts.

About the author:

Ashleigh Reinboth is Haircare Australia’s in-house social media specialist who has over 8 years’ experience in building retail brands on social media. Across her career, she’s developed effective social strategies for small business owners through to global brands such as Westfield, Nine West and Chadstone Shopping Centre. Her knowledge in the social media field is led by experience and passion allowing her to create strategies which are both engaging to customers and will also convert to sales. In an ever-changing digital age, she is passionate about innovation, creating social content that stops the thumb and is driven by results. Follow Ashleigh on Instagram.

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