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How can brands cut through the noise in an oversaturated society? Working with influencers is one way to go but instead of focusing solely on the typical Instagram influencer or YouTube creator for your campaigns, why not take all members of your community into consideration? Our Pyramid of Influence 2.0 model includes new groups of influencers that provide value for brands, beyond the groups you probably already utilize.

Our experts Mona Hellenkemper, VP of Marketing, and Robert Levenhagen, CEO of InfluencerDB, explained the new Pyramid of Influence 2.0 and which members of your community you should leverage in the future in our webinar.  Read on for a quick recap and watch the webinar on-demand here

The Pyramid of Influence 1.0

The former Pyramid of Influence included different influencer tiers with different levels of reach, power, and impact. 

Pyramid of Influence 1.0 

  • Regular users: Today we would consider them as nano influencers. They have a small following and a very personal connection to their followers. 
  • Micro-influencers: They have a higher reach compared to regular users.
  • Mid-level influencers: They have a bigger audience and collaborate with several brands. 
  • Established influencers: Are in the business for a longer period of time, grew and became popular through social media. 
  • Celebrity influencers: They reached their popularity outside of social media and are an attractive brand ambassador as they have a large audience. 

The borders between these stages are not clearly defined, as it depends on the market they are in. 

To keep the pyramid accurate, we added a new version that looks at the tiers from a different perspective. This pyramid is not sorted by range, but by the passion and know-how a person has for a certain topic. 

Pyramid of Influence

The Pyramid of Influence 2.0

Our new model, the Pyramid of Influence 2.0, now includes not only the external partners like customers, creators, and testimonials, but it also takes internal stakeholders like business partners and employees into consideration.

Pyramid of Influence 2.0

The outside world consists of a more traditional approach, with customers at the base of the pyramid. Customers have experienced your product and if they recommend it, or even invite others to use it, they become your ambassadors and your force to strengthen your brand. 

Superfans cover the next stage of your external world and are heavy users of your brand’s products. They are enthusiastic fans who love your brand and are the most authentic group, as you don’t need to buy their loyalty. 

The next stage is represented by Creators, who have a rather traditional approach. They can get a high reach through targeted campaigns and brands can use the creators’ experience to improve their KPIs. 

Last but not least, Testimonials can be part of a brand’s outside world. They become the face of a brand, or even turn their face into their own brand. Their audiences have a strong emotional connection to their stars.

The following post shows German model and influencer Stefanie Giesinger, who recently launched her own fashion label Nu-In Fashion successfully.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von nu-in (@nuinfashion) am


The second pyramid covers a brand’s inside world, consisting of business partners, employees, and the leadership team of a company. The goal of using these stakeholders is to use their personal brands to strengthen your company. To collaborate successfully, your partners need to be motivated and have a high level of competence. They need to be intrinsically motivated to support and promote the company they work for.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how you can leverage your external and internal partners to push your marketing growth!

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