Awesome Influencer Campaigns that Caught our Eye – Part 2

We at InfluencerDB are always curious about exciting influencer campaigns, brand new marketing strategies and surprising ways of advertisement that breathe new life into the marketing universe. We will regularly feature campaigns that recently caught our eye and point out what makes them special. This week’s campaigns include Netflix, Aveda, Avocados from Mexico and Mercedes-Benz.


American entertainment company Netflix promoted its recently aired show The Santa Clarita Diet on several platforms. Giant billboards and a food truck selling “finger food” caused a stir in Germany and even brought the German advertising regulator Deutscher Werberat to the scene: Some people complained about the ads that displayed dismembered body parts in connection with traditional German dishes. Netflix had to take some of the billboards down in the end.

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Netflix also started an Instagram channel for the show featuring several influencers.

Why it caught our eye

At first glance, the Instagram channel looks nothing like a promotion for a new TV show. One of my colleagues actually thought that the channel was promoting a new diet based on fruit juices and protein supplements.

Santa Clarita Diet Feed

Taking a closer look, my colleague slowly realized that the fruit juices are not what they seem to be and some of the influencers are heavily drenched in blood.

Santa Clarita Feed

With fitting and witty descriptions next to the pictures of dismembered body parts and fake blood, Netflix promotes its show in a clever way with an ironic stab at diet drink producing companies and the like – especially by choosing influencers that normally post ads for such products.

Santa Clarita Growth

The campaign concept with billboard ads and uncommon Instagram content works: The channel shows a rapid follower growth of 34% during the last four weeks.


Mel Fronckowiak, Miolos Fritos, Hannah Rathbun, Matthew Crawford, Jeff Wittek


Aveda executed a highly successful multi-channel influencer marketing campaign in 2016 around the hashtag #styledbyaveda. This campaign is even nominated for a Shorty Award this year. In 2017, Aveda continues using #styledbyaveda and works with a wide range of influencers from different backgrounds.


Rachel Martino, Koya Webb, Mackenzie Miller, Laura Kasperzak, Noelle Downing, Alexandra Carson

Why it caught our eye

Besides regular cooperation partners who use the hashtag #styledbyaveda, the brand was also represented at the Wanderlust Fest that takes place in several cities in the US and Australia. The festival attracts yogis from all over the world. Attendees of the festival were able to get a braid at Aveda’s braid bar. As an environment-conscious brand that fabricates nature-based products, a cooperation with yoga-supporters and nature-fans is a perfect way to promote the brand’s products. Aveda’s partners are dedicated to the brand and fully align with the brand’s values. Therefore, the cooperation partners are ambassadors for the brand and convey the company’s ethics authentically.


Avocados from Mexico has a successful Instagram channel with almost 36K followers. Next to original content of the brand, the company also shares user-generated content and content of influencers to offer benefits to its followers. Additionally, the brand shares recipes with manifold ways of preparing avocados. The company’s blog offers more recipes, as well as how to advice, entertainment, beauty care and nutritional education.

Overdid it at last night’s holiday party? Repent with this delicious lunch inspo from @twoofakindcooks

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Why it caught our eye

Next to the company’s supportive social media channels and blog, the brand launched a major campaign centered around the hashtag #avosecrets for the 2017 Super Bowl. For this campaign, Avocados from Mexico developed a microsite that shows a smartphone.

Avocados from Mexico Micro Site

By clicking on the apps that appear on the screen, the user is redirected to different landing pages, for example a recipe page, the commercial teaser of the Super Bowl, and the social media channels of the brand. The user can interactively explore the world of Avocados from Mexico and the hashtag #avosecrets serves as a trigger and suggests that the user will get deeper insights into the brand’s world.


To enhance its campaign, Avocados from Mexico worked with 100.000 brand ambassadors, mainly health-enthusiasts.

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Mercedes-Benz is actually known for its rather traditional and conservative reputation. Mercedes’ past commercials reflected this attitude and put the products, the cars, in the center. The new campaign Grow Up builds a contrast to this and puts the cars in the background. A series of short video clips focuses on the protagonists and their stories.


A$AP Rocky, Lucy Walters, John Rue

Why it caught our eye

The new campaign shows a younger, more unconventional approach and opens doors towards reaching a young, modern and digitally oriented target group. Working with A$AP Rocky, Mercedes clearly focuses on a “move forward by the brand as a whole towards more modernity, progressivism and dynamism across the entire brand identity of Mercedes-Benz“, as Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, explains. Therefore, the clips feel like short stories rather than a commercial which make the brand appear much more approachable then prior commercials were able to.



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