Awesome Influencer Campaigns That Caught our Eye – Part 3

We at InfluencerDB are always curious about exciting influencer campaigns, brand new marketing strategies and surprising ways of advertisement that breathe new life into the marketing universe. We will regularly feature campaigns that recently caught our eye and point out what makes them special. This week’s campaigns include IKEA, Jack Wolfskin, and #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia.

Ikea – Influencer Challenge

Everyone has probably fixed up at least one of Ikea’s products with names like Bestä Burs and Hemnes that no one really knows how to pronounce. But who does not like strolling along in one of Ikea’s stores and enjoying the different settings the employees build up fondly?

Usually, Ikea is known for its family focused commercials that show how its functional furniture brings friends and family together without much space needed. Still, Ikea’s German Instagram Channel is quite successful with about 307k followers and a lot of user generated content. The furniture store encourages people to post pictures of their Ikea products with the hashtag #meinikea.

This year, Ikea started its first vlogger campaign on YouTube. Brandboost by Divimove, a Berlin-based agency specified in creative video content conceptualized the campaign. The main idea: Two teams compete against each other and are challenged to model an empty space into a cozy living room. Therefore, four German Vloggers split up into two teams and completed the challenge in two different Ikea stores. In 180 minutes, the influencers had to accomplish different tasks while adding furniture and decorations to the empty floor and walls. For example, one team member had to fix up a wardrobe while the partner was reading the instructions without seeing if the teammate was doing as instructed.


AlexiBexi, Sara Desideria, Klein aber Hannah, Max Oberüber

Why it caught our eye

During the challenge, one influencer of each team was posting Instagram stories on Ikea Germany’s Instagram channel. Furthermore, each influencer created a vlog for his or her own YouTube account. The videos in total gained more than 430.000 views and the rooms were shown in the Ikea stores until March 2017. The campaign combines entertaining content with commercial purposes across different social media channels (YouTube and Instagram).

By using Instagram Stories and cooperating with YouTube vloggers, the audience had a chance to take a look behind the scenes of the brand. Ikea got out of its comfort zone of targeting families or spouses and starts to address the young and digital generation with this campaign.

Jack Wolfskin – #GoBackpack

Similar to Ikea, Jack Wolfskin tries to address a new target group through social media channels. With influencer marketing and a new range of goods, the German company wants to address young, urban and stylish people. The outdoor clothing label with more than 900 stores in Europe, Asia, and South America walked on a rough path the last years but is now getting back on track. Usually, Jack Wolfskin is known for its high quality, functional but less trendy active wear.

During the last year, Jack Wolfskin already tried to involve the consumers in its marketing strategy with the hashtag #MachDeinLebenUnvergesslich (#makeyourlifeunforgettable) as part of their campaign. The effort was increased by TV spots in which the protagonist took the audience on an adventure designed from a selfie perspective. The campaign was wide-spread through print advertisement, commercials, and social media channels and added a more personal and emotional touch to the brand.

Jack WolfskinGo Backpack by Jack Wolfskin

Now, the “yellow paw” wants to go a step further and drive more traffic on its social media channels with influencer marketing and a money-back contest for consumers. When purchasing a Jack Wolfskin product, consumers will get a “Go Backpack” flag. Jack Wolfskin encourages its consumers to share their travel stories along with videos in which adventurers show the red flag. The videos can be uploaded on the landing page Go Backpack.


Hannes Becker, Max Muench, Marisa Hampe

Why it caught our eye

With its campaign #GoBackpack, the clothing label puts more focus on social media channels. To guarantee a good reach, Werbewelt, the agency responsible for the campaign, used six influencers for the campaign which will start in April.

The brand repositions itself by increasing the involvement of its consumers. Jack Wolfskin appears more trustworthy through the emotional and personal touch established by user generated content. We are curious about how this campaign will perform and are excited to see the shared content!

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The hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia was initially used by Jérôme Jarre to start a donation campaign. The blogger and social media influencer from France created awareness for the famine in Somalia with a video he posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in March.

His video is a call for action to stop the famine in Somalia and help the people who have been affected by the drought for months. In his video, he encourages other users to use the hashtag #turkishairlineshelpsomalia to get Turkish Airlines – the only international airline flying to Somalia – to fly food and water out to the emergency zone. Shortly after the initial post, other celebrities like Ben Stiller followed with a video post and encourage people to donate money for the life-saving supplies.


Jérôme Jarre, Ben Stiller, Casey Neistat, Chakabars Clarke, Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny

Why it caught our eye

The movement outlines the power of social media and went viral within less than two days. It was not planned beforehand, came out of the blue and was an immediate success. Jerome’s post was liked more than 58k times on Instagram within the first few days, as well as reposted more than 83k times on Twitter. The hashtag #turkishairlineshelpsomalia was used more than 17k times on Instagram within a week.

The donors that are received and managed by the Ben Stiller Foundation already topped the goal of 2 Million Dollars within the first five days including donations from nearly 80k contributors. After two days, Turkish Airlines agreed to supply Somalia with 200 tons of food within the next six months. On 27th of March, the first plane with food left for Somalia. A good side effect? It is great image marketing for Turkish Airlines itself!