Awesome Influencer Campaigns that Caught our Eye – Part 1

We at InfluencerDB are always curious about exciting campaigns, brand new marketing strategies and surprising ways of advertisement that breathe new life into the marketing universe. We will regularly feature campaigns that recently caught our eye and point out what makes them special. This week’s campaigns include Volkswagen Canada, Tide, and SugarBearHair. 


Volkswagen Canada just recently launched its new campaign around influencers from different sports sectors. Answering the question “What would your perfect road trip be?”, the athletes explore their hometowns’ surroundings in VW vehicles, showcasing features of various new models in short documentaries around the hashtag #VWadventure.

Responsible for the campaign is Canadian agency Rooftop. Dave Videka, President of Rooftop Agency, points out that the different vehicles and their distinct features take the campaign’s center stage.

The big inspiration was to develop a human element or unique personality for each of the vehicles. If they were real people what would they do, where would they go, how would they act, where would they be in their consumer life stage.

The influencers were chosen based on their demographics and Rooftop made sure that each of them matched the personality traits represented by the vehicles.

An added bonus was the inclusion of the influencers’ sponsors and partners, according to Dave Videka:

Something that really drove our expanded reach and numbers was what the influencers could provide from a community standpoint. By integrating their sponsors and partners we were able to build out additional unique content to utilize their larger reach. It also meant that the consumer, the more they peeled back the layers, found Volkswagen repeatedly intertwined within the community they were a part of – whether that was the influencer, sponsors or media outlets.

As a result, the 150 content pieces created by Volkswagen and Rooftop generated 5.25 million impressions and 805.000 engagements, 633% above target. The campaign is nominated for two Shorty-Awards.


Cam McCaul (mountain bike athlete), Noah Cohen (professional surfer)

Why it caught our eye

Instead of relying on old-fashioned ways, Volkswagen shakes up the way brands create content and puts a stronger focus on real life integration instead of algorithms. The athletes co-wrote the stories and included their unique lifestyles. Each athlete presents a car that fits his lifestyle – Cam McCaul, for example, showcases a Golf SportWagen Alltrack that fits both his passion for sports and provides space for his wife and kids. Thus, the features of each vehicle are accentuated perfectly, plus the viewer gets a close insight into the lives of the athletes, making the campaign highly personal and approachable.


The laundry detergent Tide, manufactured by Procter & Gamble, got some very successful minutes of fame in this year’s Superbowl. The commercial features former American football quarterback Terry Bradshaw who desperately tries to remove a stain on his shirt shortly before going on air. It perfectly captures the qualities of the promoted product, closing with the catchline “No stain deserves fame”.


Terry Bradshaw

Why it caught our eye

The brilliant part of the campaign is not the commercial itself, but the way it is integrated into the event. During his actual commentating on the Super Bowl 51, a huge stain flaunted Terry Bradshaw’s white shirt. Twitter users immediately went crazy about it and even invented the hashtag #BradshawStain, wondering how Terry Bradshaw could not have seen the stain before going on air.

A few minutes later, the associated commercial appeared on the TV screens, connecting the real life situation with the mysterious, much discussed and not so accidental stain.


SugarBearHair sells vegetarian hair vitamins. The company mainly promotes its product via Instagram, using both huge influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Thomas Halbert and aggregator pages like Sarcasm_Only, EpicFunnyPage, and Hair.Videos. Sugarbearhair’s Instagram feed is dominated by pastel colors like turquoise, pink, and yellow.



Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Thomas Halbert, Model_Roz

Bringing sweetness into your beauty routine ??? #sugarbearhair @thomashalbert

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We partnered up with the stunning @emrata to travel with her to Europe ??? SugarBear is worldwide ? #sugarbearhair

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Why it caught our eye

SugarBearHair’s cooperations with famous influencers seem to work well: During the last month, the company’s Instagram channel grew constantly and now holds more than a million followers. In its sector, SugarBearHair does a good job cooperating with other Instagram channels, as the Earned Media Value shows. This value is represented by the darker green bars and stands for the amount of mentions and tags that SugarBearHair gets from other Instagram users.

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