The 10 Biggest German Startups on Instagram

Startups and Instagram are an invincible combination. What better way to increase brand awareness and get closer to potential customers than by inspiring them with an extraordinary Instagram channel? We explored the German startup scene and analyzed the 10 biggest German startups on Instagram!

InfluencerDB German Startups

1 Bilou (1.3m)

Bilou was founded in 2014 by influencer Bianca “Bibi” Heineke, better known as @bibisbeautypalace. The brand produces shower foams in fancy variations like pink melon or tasty donut.

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With more than 1.3 million followers, the Instagram channel @mybilou clearly profits from Bibi’s fame – her own Instagram channel assembles over 5.3 million followers!

The brand channel’s like follower ratio of 4.8% shows that Bibi was able to transfer her loyal fans to her Instagram brand channel.

2 Chefstalk (633k)

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Chefstalk aims at connecting chefs, companies, and food lovers. The channel posts mouthwatering meal pictures on a regular basis.

The Instagram channel is used by the brand to promote the Chefstalk App, which offers a broad network of chefs and gourmets.

InfluencerDB Metrics ChefstalkCountry distribution of @chefstalk’s audience

The Chefstalk channel is constantly mentioned by other Instagram profiles and draws the attention of cooking enthusiasts beyond the limits of Germany.

3 Kapten & Son (568k)

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Watch brand Kapten & Son took influencer marketing to the next level by building up their brand solely with influencer cooperations.

These cooperations and the general popularity of the brand in the Instagram universe result in an enormous Earned Media Value of up to $190,000 each week.

kaptenandson-instagram-audienceEarned Media Value of @kaptenandson ©InfluencerDB

Famous influencers like @debiflue and @mikutas promote the company’s watches regularly on their own channels, reaching thousands of followers with their content.

4 Paul Hewitt (528k)

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Paul Hewitt ranks fourth in our list, following closely after Kapten & Son. Similar to their competitor, Paul Hewitt works with successful and well-known influencers like @carodaur.

The brand hashtag #getanchored is extremely successful on Instagram and displays 25,117 posts.

Paul Hewitt brand hashtagBrand hashtag #getanchored @paul_hewitt

5 Dagi Shop (498k)

Influencer Dagmara, @dagibee, launched her own clothing line in 2014. Similar to her influencer colleague and friend Bibi, her brand channel @dagi_shop profits from Dagi’s popularity.

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Although her shop ships worldwide, the majority of the brand channel’s audience is from Germany.

InfluencerDB Audience Dagi_shop

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6 wrstbhvr (454k)

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Berlin street style brand WRSTBHVR takes rank 6 of our list. With about 450,000 followers, WRSTBHVR is one of the most popular German clothing brands on Instagram and her fans include singer Lena Meyer-Landrut and beauty influencer Farina Opoku.

EngagedInfluencers_wrstbhvrEngaged Influencers of @wrstbhvr

The brand has a wide range of engaged influencers, and most of them have a great reach within Germany, bringing additional awareness to WRSTBHVR’s Instagram brand channel.

7 Freeletics (441k)

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Freeletics is a sports app which provides a wide range of bodyweight workouts and motivation boosters for fitness fans.

In our top 10, Freeletics owns the brand channel with the highest amount of male followers.

InfluencerDB gender split freeleticsGender split of @freeletics ©InfluencerDB

Additionally, the brand is promoted by German fitness influencers like @flooorrriii and @trainhard_eatwell.

8 Zalando (416k)

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Online fashion retailer Zalando was founded in 2008 and evolved into one of the most popular online stores for fashion addicts all over the world.

InfluencerDB Metrics ZalandoAudience of @zalando

On their Instagram channel, Zalando uses a mix of influencer generated content and promotion of popular brands sold on the platform. Frequently mentioned brands are Topshop, Adidas, and even&odd.

Brand_mentions Zalando

Brands frequently mentioned by @zalando

9 Asphaltgold Sneakerstore (393k)

Sneakers retailer Asphaltgold was founded in 2009 in Darmstadt. The brand’s Instagram channel shows sneakers of all colors and variations.

Asphaltgold managed to increase their Earned Media Value enormously last month by taking over the Instagram channel of Frankfurt Airport.

During Berlin Fashion Week, the location was used by Asphaltgold as a setting for photographing new sneaker models on the raw asphalt of the airport. The perfect pairing!

10 Odernichtoderdoch (299k)

Odernichtoderdoch is one of the youngest German startups in this list – it was founded just 3 years ago in 2014!

But the brand quickly developed into a favorite with its unusual stationery and cute décor. by German influencers, the brand is constantly mentioned by other Instagram channels which results in a permanently high Earned Media Value and a great standing of the brand within the Instagram universe.