The Top 10 Most Influential Pet Influencers Worldwide

Cats, dogs, hedgehogs… by now, influencer marketing comes in every form and humans are not the only ones promoting products on social media. We analyzed several pet influencers on Instagram and identified the top 10 of the Instagram animal kingdom.

Top Pet Influencers

1 Jiffpom (6,7m)

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The little pomeranian is an influential pet-star celebrated in Hollywood and among many well-known YouTubers.

About 420 Influencers engage with his content. He holds the world record in being the fastest dog on two paws and with more than 6 million followers, he has a larger reach than the biggest German influencer!

Maybe you know him from Katy Perry’s video Dark Horse?

2 Nala_cat (3,5m)

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Nala counts more than 6k postings on her Instagram channel. Adopted from a shelter, she became an influential cat in social media promoting brands like Friskies, Petfinder, PureVax and even Persil!

In the course of the last four weeks she gained an earned media value of $422,657 due to being mentioned by other pet channels on Instagram quite frequently.

3 Itsdougthepug (2,9m)

This pug has not only its own book published with his own book tour across the US and the UK but a whole merchandise line in his name.

He has been featured on Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America and has starred in Music Videos for Fall Out Boy!

Half of his followers are from the United States and 74% are female, even celebrities like Demi Lovato totally adore him.

4 tunameltsmyheart (1,9m)

Tuna is a Chiweenie breed having an – well, let us put it that way – interesting overbite making him unique and extraordinary.

Besides having millions of followers on his main account he even has a second account just for traveling insights with more than 72k followers (@thetravelingtuna).

He promotes brands like Petfinder, Zappos, Petsmart and The Body Shop.

5 Juniperfoxx (1,9m)

Not everyone would be pleased to keep Juniper and Fig as pets due to the fact that they are foxes!

Having 1,9m fans, the social media stars still have a growth rate of 3.9% and quite the Like Follower Ratio of 6.3%.


6 Iamlilbub (1,7m)

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Lil Bub is one of a kind cat with a funny and adorable facial expression.

She promotes Petfinder, Halo Food, Litter Genie, Stainmaster and Persil. She has a great network of other influential pets and is mentioned for example by @marniethedog.

7 Loki_the_wolfdog (1,6m)

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Our no.7 is Loki who probably has landed the biggest jobs so far among all listed pet influencers.

He collaborated with brands like Toyota and Mercedes Benz!

About 1,225 Influencers engage with his content – no surprise his Like Follower Ratio adds up to 6.1%.

The analysis in our tool shows that he has high-quality followers (Quality Grade A-) making him even more attractive for cooperations.

8 Venustwofacecat (1,4m)

Venus is also one of a kind having one half of her face with a green eye and black fur and the other one blue eyed with brownish fur.

She also promotes brands for pet owners like Litter Genie, Petfinder or Litterbox and is engaging with other influential cats like @hamilton_the_hipster_cat or @iamlilbub.

9 Prissy_pig (675k)

Prissy and Pop are two piglets from Florida, USA. With two postings per day, their 675k followers are updated about the piglets’ everyday life.

Fans can even get shirts, hoodies, mugs and several other accessories with an imprint of Prissy and Pop. When not on Instagram, they are attending school as class pets.

10 Mr.Pokee (330k)

Mr.Pokee is the smallest of our pet influencers and the cutest adventurer you have ever met. The hedgehog and its owner collaborate with brands like Paul Hewitt, Diffeyewear and Daniel Wellington!

His growth rate of 5.0% is quite good and further analysis in our tool demonstrates that the account’s target group is of high quality (Quality Grade A+).

Well, Instagram is full of inspirational, creative and extraordinary content and some of these pet influencers might earn more money per posting than human influencers, especially since some of them have already put their biography into writing.