Top 10 Fitness Influencers on Instagram of 2017

The holidays are over and once again we’re embracing our New Year’s resolutions. According to a study conducted by YouGov, exercising more and eating healthier are the most common New Year’s resolutions. But after just a couple of weeks, our motivation is fading and we find excuses to not keep up with our plan. But we got you covered! Here are our top 10 motivational fitness influencers that will make sure you stay motivated.


With more than 12 Million followers, Michelle Lewin is by far one of the biggest fitness influencers on Instagram.

The fitness model motivates not only with her short videos on her Instagram channel but also with her two apps that she created – Fitplan and Mealplan.

With Fitplan as your personal trainer and Mealplan offering you healthy recipes, nothing stands in your way of getting in shape!


New York based Jennifer Selter offers everything from fitness and nutrition to health and lifestyle posts. She encourages her followers to become part of her community and to engage with other women during their fitness journey.

Thousands of women post their workouts and training results under the hashtag #seltering.

And to make sure that you look as fabulous as Jen while working out, check out her own fitness collection that is launching this year. Jen already had collaborations with several beauty brands such as @rebelsrefinery and shape and activewear brand @theperfectsculpt.


Author of the e-book series Bikini Body Guide, the personal trainer from Australia is a real star in the fitness blogger universe. Her fitness programs include 12 weeks of daily workouts and nutrition guides. If you feel like the whole program is too much commitment for you and you don’t want to spend the money on it, just check out her Instagram account.

Kayla is posting short exercise videos almost daily which you can easily do at home. And with already more than 8 million followers she still has a follower growth of 3.5%.

For a little bit of extra motivation, Kayla regularly posts before and after pictures of her followers who used her programs to get fit.


It all started with a New Year’s resolution. In 2013 the nurse decided to no longer make excuses for getting in shape and within a year she achieved a lot more than she had ever dreamed about- she became a WBFF Bodybuilding Pro.

Now she wants to share her secret with the whole world, offering several different workout and nutrition guides.

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PLEASE READ – It’s not always easy. Some days we lose focus because of life’s many distractions. Some days were sick, overtired or injured. Some days our own minds turn against us and we let negative thoughts creep in and take over. Some days we feel like we aren’t making progress or we expect certain achievements faster than possible. It’s okay if this happens. We have all been there. I promise you even your biggest idol has had a downtime. The difference is, you recognize the problem and seek encouragement, motivation and people that can help drive you of keep you focused. You allow room for error but develop a plan to get back on track. I would say the most important characteristic for success isn’t drive or motivation. It’s patience. Pic | @theiobot

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If you want to join in on her success, now might be just the right time as she is kicking off the new year with a 6 week New Year shred challenge.


If you are a fitness addict, you’ve probably already heard of Simeon Panda. As a competitor in many fitness competitions, the fitness entrepreneur gained worldwide popularity and appeared on several covers of fitness magazines.

Today he’s not only inspiring thousands of people with his incredible body and his online workout programs but he also has his own sportswear and fitness accessories brand.

Make sure to check out his Instagram profile for some serious fitness inspo!



Looking for an advanced full body and strength workout? Then Massy Arias might be the right fitness influencer for you to follow.

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Are you willing to make the sacrifices you need to make in order to be were you want to be? Life is full of lessons. Ups and downs. How we learn from every mistake, is how we make no mistakes. So don’t you dare let your failures define you, let them be the learning experiences that shape you to become a better version of yourself. Don’t give up, you got what it takes… WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #tuesdaymotivation #ma30day #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ Estás dispuesto a hacer los sacrificios necesarios para llegar donde quieres? La vida está llena de lecciones. Es una montaña rusa. Cómo aprendemos de los errores, es como no cometemos errores en el futuro. Los errores son inevitables. No dejes que te definan, aprende de las lecciones que te da la vida para convertirte en tu mejor versión. No te rindas, tu tienes lo necesario para ser exitoso! Dale! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo

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She impresses with her extremely strong and powerful body and isn’t afraid of using extravagant props such as a tractor tire or a chair.

And not having a gym around is no excuse for her to skip training! The tiniest hotel room or even the airport serves fine for her to do her workouts. Massy isn’t sticking to one certain way of working out but rather combines different styles such as strength, cardio and yoga flows in her workouts.


Here comes the perfect inspiration for mums who want to get back in shape after their pregnancy (but of course for anyone else as well).

Emily, who just recently had a baby, serves as a great inspiration for mum-to-bes who want to keep exercising during their pregnancy. And of course, she is already planning an after-birth fitness plan to regain her fit body.

However, she stresses how important it is to set realistic goals rather than forcing a tough workout program to your body after giving birth.

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Flashback to my pre pregnancy body – which will be my “goal” once I pop this bub out and can get back to training hard again! 😀 Mommies, how long was it until you could exercise after giving birth? . You know what’s absolutely crazy? At the time of taking these pics (in my bath tub using a tripod and timer mind you haha) I didn’t think I was lean at all. I now look at these pics and I’m surprised at how lean I was! It’s crazy how sometimes we just can’t see ourselves how we truly are or how others might see us. I can have such a warped perspective of myself sometimes. Hey, I’m working on it though and have already come a long way – I think being pregnant has helped a LOT with this actually! 🙂 . Since becoming pregnant I feel like I got extreme bloating, fluid retention and cellulite straight away. This doesn’t concern me in the slightest though, it’s all part of growing a human and I feel sooo incredibly blessed. All of these not so fun things that come with pregnancy are insignificant. My health and my baby’s health is most important and that’s what I’m focussing on. 🙂 I’m so blown away by what my body can do! It’s incredible! . I have 6 months to wait to meet my little one, I feel like it’s such a long time to wait, but I'm told it flies by! Aaah I can’t wait! 😀 . .

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In addition to her daily workout videos and meal plans, Emily also puts her focus on topics such as mindfulness, stress release and body positivity. Her account has a Like Follower Ratio of 5.2% which shows that her followers are actively engaging with her profile.

The Australian fitness star also has her own blog, concerning all kinds of topics dealing with fitness, health, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle.


Yoga lovers, prick up your ears because you’re going to love this channel. Yoga_girl is the account of the Swedish yoga teacher and best-selling author Rachel Brathen. On her Instagram account, she really preaches the full yoga lifestyle.

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Since I gave birth people have asked me when I think I'll be ready for a second baby. My answer has been consistent: one and done! I always dreamt of having a ton of kids and Dennis definitely wants two but when I became a mom I realized fairly quickly that one baby is a lot of babies! How people do this more than once is beyond me. It's magical, motherhood. But it's also overwhelming, challenging, taxing and out right terrifying at times. So I decided; one is enough. Lea Luna is everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. But suddenly, just now, something shifted. As I woke up this morning and watching Luni try to stand up in her crib a very odd thought hit me: "She is growing so fast – I miss those tiny newborn days! I think… Maybe… I want to do this again". The thought stopped me in my tracks but I didn't tell anyone. I shook it off and went about my day. Then, just now, at dinner with our besties and my sister and my mom I said it out loud. "I think I just realized I want to have another baby. Not right now, but at some point". "OF COURSE!!!" was the resounding answer around the table. "Lunis needs a baby brother!" We laughed about it and on the walk home I decided, yes. It's not one and done. One more. Some day. A baby brother. Maybe. Well. As I stepped through the door at home – I got my period. For the first time since pre-pregnancy! It's been one year and three months since my last moon… Since before the conception of our little moon🌙 And here, now, with this realization, a new cycle begins. The universe speaks!!! Such magic. So. Let's see what the future will bring☺️✨😇 #yogaeverydamnday – Day 15💪🏼 #yogagirlchallenge #yoga #motherhood #lealuna #universe #signs #moon

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Not only is she encouraging her followers to practice yoga every day with the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday, but also gives intimate insights about combining the philosophy of yoga with her family life and being a mum.

Some of her collaborations include the Swedish coffee brand @gevaliakaffee and the beauty brand @ecotools. If her account is not enough inspiration for you already, make sure to listen to her weekly podcast.


Looking for a workout that you can easily include into your everyday life? Then this channel might be of interest to you. 26-year-old Alexa shares great exercise videos on her Instagram account that fit into the busiest lifestyle.

And what better way is there to kick off the new year than with a 30-day abs and butt challenge?

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Hiking with babe

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As a mother of two, Alexa also designed a special pregnancy fitness guide. But the best is yet to come – Alexa regularly posts exercises for a partner workout. So grab yourself a partner and get started!


Still haven’t had enough of all the great fitness motivation? Here is our final suggestion. With thebodycoach, another male fitness enthusiast joins our list of fitness influencers.

Joe Wicks has set his goal to help people from all over the world to transform their bodies.

He really puts a huge focus on nutrition, because we all know it – abs are made in the kitchen. His 90-day plan consists of various workout programs and plenty of recipes to make sure that your workout is successful.

In the beginning of July 2017, he reached an Earned Media Value of 49,139 $ after he was mentioned in a post of famous vlogger @zoella (11.2m followers).

After reading through our list of the top motivational fitness influencers on Instagram, you really don’t have any excuses left. We hope you feel as motivated as we are to keep up with your New Year’s resolution. Happy workout!