Top 10 Kid Influencers on Instagram

There are plenty types of different influencers on Instagram. You might know about the most popular beauty bloggers, food influencers or even about successful pet influencers. But how about kid influencers? Yes, you heard right, kid influencers are a thing. And they are just as good as their grown-up counterparts!


With 3.2m followers, Emma and Mila Stauffer are by far two of the most successful kid influencers on Instagram. The account is run by their mom, Katie Stauffer, who uses the platform as a medium to get creative with her kids.

As a mother of five (two boys, three girls), all kids are featured on the account. But the 3-year-old twins, who are the youngest of the siblings, are definitely the stars of the account. The twin-sisters had numerous cooperations with brands for kid supplies, food and clothes (e.g. Pampers, KIND Snacks, Amazon, Sago Mini).


Laerta might be young, but that kid definitely is a pro! The 6-year-old girl is posing like a real fashion blogger on her account, which is run by her mom.

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Pink isn't just a color , it's an attitude 💗! @guesskids

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In her posts, Laerta presents herself in stylish outfits and cool poses. She really seems to be a born fashionista. In September, she reached an earned media value of 27,803 US Dollars, as she was featured on accounts like @kidzootd and @kids_fashion_blogger.


Coco is probably the coolest 7-year-old on the block. Based in Tokyo, this little girl has already developed her very own individual and distinctive style.

Her most characteristic trade mark are probably her extravagant sunglasses which she is wearing in almost every picture. Surprisingly, the Japanese girl is most popular in the United States. Only 3.7% of her followers are  actually from her home country, Japan.


The account of @ministylehacker consists of the three brothers Ryker, Grey and baby Wyatt.

Based in Los Angeles, the account is run by their mom Colette who posts about topics such as parenting, fashion and travel. She created the account originally with her oldest son Ryker, to “hack” the style of celebrity men such as Ryan Gosling or Pharrell, but instead of letting Ryker wear designer clothes, she aimed for more budget-friendly options such as H&M and Target.


Are you ready for some cuteness overload? Then the account of @milliebellediamond is the right thing for you. With only 3 years, Millie-Belle is one of the youngest kids in our top list of kid influencers. The Australian toddler captivates her followers with her love of princess dresses and the colour pink.

Other than for example Laerta, her account is less professional when it comes to the fashion shots but rather includes some funny or silly shots as well, which makes it more authentic and fun to look at.

Nevertheless, Millie-Belle has already made her first appearance on the red carpet at the age of 2 in cooperation with the children’s brand Little Miss Aoki.  We guarantee you, this little girl will steal your heart.



Haileigh Vasquez is not only a star on Instagram – the 8-year-old is also a fashion designer, model and actress.

The little fashionista from New York has appeared in some commercials (for example for Nickelodeon) and has even walked the runway for several well-known brands such as Converse or Nike. In Addition to that, she designed her own pieces in a collaboration with Target’s Class of 2017 “ART CLASS” collection. In January 2017 her account on Instagram reached an earned media value of 16.494 $ after she was named by dancer Kendall Vertes in her Instagram post about the Target collection.


Get ready for @ryansecret – your heart will melt as soon as you check out his Instagram account.

As with most kid accounts, this one is run by Ryan’s mom, who also appears in many of the posts alongside her son.

Ryan really knows how to play cool while posing in his stylish outfits. The little fashion boy already had some successful collaborations, for example with the children’s clothing brand The Children’s Place or with Toys”R”Us.


Cissifio is the Instagram Account of Amelia Fioriniello and her mom Cissi. This little Swedish girl, located in Gothenburg, might be the best dressed kid that you have ever come across, with a wardrobe that could almost make you jealous.

Amelia and her mom already had cooperations with the Swedish car dealer Holmgrens Bil and currently with the fashion label Lindex. The account has a positive follower growth (+1.59 %) and a quite high like follower ratio (4.3 %).

While mother and daughter can be often seen together on the images, it is noticeable that pictures with Amelia alone perform much better. But this is no big surprise, that little girl is simply adorable.


Kingandkaui is the account of the siblings Kingston and his younger sister Kaui.

Both have an extraordinary sense for fashion which they love to present in front of the camera. While most of the pictures show both kids together, the images of little Kaui are especially adorable.

On Kaui’s 4th birthday, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of the little girl with her friends, saying #happybirthdaykaui.

So make sure to check out the profile of those two cutie pies.


Prepare for another Instagram account full of twin cuteness. Sheriandsheri is the account of the two little twin girls Ol’ka and Esenia from Russia who will fill your heart with joy.

Although their Instagram account is still quite small, they have great potential and have already been featured on the account @fashionkids which has 3.7m followers.

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Скоро ,очень скоро, начнётся пора новогодних елок🎄Что ни день — сплошные праздники🙈Белки, зайцы, медведи,снегурочки,золушки и хоттабычи под предводительством деда мороза будут скакать по всем детским садам и школам😂🎅🏻В этом году у Есении тоже будет первый ,новогодний утренник 👯Правда без меня 😭🤷🏼‍♀️а так хочется хоть одним глазком взглянуть ,как она рассказывает стихи деду морозу которые мы выучили 🎅🏻🙈В предверии праздников я хочу поделиться с вами ещё одной рукодельницей @bows_for_baby которая сотворила для нас потрясающие,нежные новогодние бантики 😍💗Всем моим подписчикам Юля дарит скидку 20% по промокоду “sheri”😜Всем отличных выходных 🙌🏻❄️#нашаесякуролеся

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The twin’s style is very girly and playful, combining pink and white colours with cozy knitwear.

So, if you need some winter inspiration for your kid’s wardrobe (or even for your own) you’re definitely right on this account.