The British have a special taste when it comes to culinary dishes. Sausages and baked beans for breakfast? Fish and chips with vinegar?! We analyzed the top 10 food influencers of the micro sphere in the UK with the highest Earned Media Values.

We based the research on an influencer count of 15k to 100k, which can easily be done with our InfluencerDB research feature. The analysis is based on the Earned Media Value of the last four weeks to see which food influencers created the biggest buzz.

Let’s see if British food influencers expand the eager of trying new things!

Top Ten UK food influencers

Top 10 UK Food Influencers by Earned Media Value ©InfluencerDB

1 ks_ate_here (EMV: $29,686)

If you will ever be in need for a food guide through the best restaurants in London, KS is the man!

He eats in London restaurants every day, several times a day. No wonder he counts a cumulated earned media value of $ 29,686 in the last four weeks!

He is already well-known by the Londoner culinary scene and therefore mentioned frequently by local restaurants.

2 artrawpaulina (EMV: $25,519)

Paulina is a vegan raw food artist and food photographer – a perfect match for a platform like Instagram where #foodporn is still a thing!

Her content is all about sweet desserts or healthy breakfast granola and smoothies.

Her Earned Media Value makes up 88% of her Total Media Value, mainly due to her being mentioned by food magazines like THRIVE frequently.

3 shisodelicious (EMV: $21,556)

A post shared by Sara, London (@shisodelicious) on

A preference for Japanese food and bento boxes can be spotted in Sara’s feed. Based in London, she definitely expands her trying of new things, especially the Asian cuisine.

She is the second biggest account in our top ten list with more than 79k followers.

She comes third when it comes to her Earned Media Value of $ 21,556 which she probably gains through other food influencers who often engage with her account.

4 thewhitechestnut (EMV: $13,493)

Meanwhile, Belinda from London lives in Spain but her passion for vegan and healthy food remains.

She has a blog, a vlog and her 31k Instagram channel and frequently shares delicious vegan recipes, which she states is “much more than salads”.

She acquired renown in the vegan sphere and shows relations to other vegan channels on Instagram a lot.

5 thomekas (EMV: $10,496)

A post shared by Tomas Lidakevicius (@thomekas) on

The biggest channel belongs to Tomas Lidakevicius who is chef at Peninsula Restaurant in London.

His postings show individual, mouth-watering creations. His kitchen is mentioned as one of the best on tripadvisor and his Earned Media Value ($10,496) accumulates through mentions of channels like chefsplateform, chefsroll or gourmetparadise.


6 martynmeid (EMV: $10,554)

A post shared by Martyn Meid (@martynmeid) on

Martyn’s stats show that his Earned Media Value of $10,554 makes up 98% of his Total Media Value!

This is pretty good, considering that the Earned Media Value is the most valuable metric regarding authenticity and virality.

Martyn is owner and chef at INK restaurant in London. His dishes are artistically and fondly created delicacies.

7 rosiefoodie (EMV: $9,528)

Number 7 of our research is Rosie Birkett. As a food writer, stylist and journalist, she collects the best recipes while traveling and writes about her passion for food in her 2015 published book “A lot on her plate”.

Among others, she has been published in The Guardian, The Independent and The Sunday Times.

Her Instagram channel is mentioned by other food bloggers as well as by channels operated by BBC, The Guardian or the Magazine by Jamie Oliver.

8 hemsleyselfridges (EMV: $9,262)

The account is owned by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley who own a café at a Selfridges department store in London.

It is the smallest account (15.1K) of InfluencerDB’s top ten food influencers of the UK but the two food lovers are quite successful with their own TV show “Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley” and several contributions for The Guardian or

Their recent high Earned Media Value might be due to the mentions on several of their accounts though, like hemsleyhemsley, jasminehemsley, selfridgesfood and melissa.hemsley.

9 allthingsmeaty (EMV: $7,722)

Chris loves traveling and taking pictures of, well, all things meaty.

When in London, he and Ks_ate_here seem to try out new places together as his account is mentioned by him quite often. His recent Earned Media Value sums up to $7,722.

10 saudi_in_london (EMV: $5,516)

A post shared by Raneem K B (@saudi_in_london) on

Raneem is a Saudi girl living in London and offers guidance to her favorite places. Coffee, sweets, teas, breakfasts and main dishes – she posts pictures of her favorite places to eat and drink but never shows her face to her 40k followers in Instagram.

But that does not keep others to talk about her, creating her Earned Media Value of $5,516.

The Takeaway

The metrics outline to what extend the earned media value can affect the total media value. The Earned Media Value, being the value established through unpaid media next to a brand’s owned and paid media, shows how often others talk about a brand or a person in the form of word-of-mouth.

Hence, a high earned media is quite valuable and important as it indicates how often other channels talk about and engage with a channel.

For an influencer marketing strategy, it is advisable to consider and compare those metrics during the influencer research and analysis.

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