Naked, Scary, and Exceptional – Top 5 Crazy Instagram Channels

Exceptional and fancy or gaga and silly? These are the top five crazy Instagram channels to laugh and maybe wonder about and they take the inspirational factor of Instagram to a whole new level! See in the following what you might have missed out so far on Instagram!

Let us start with the hippest granny on Instagram:

Baddie Winkle (@baddiewinkle)

89 today and forever killing the game ????

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Pew Research Center conducted a study in November 2016 showing that Instagram is a platform mainly used by 18-30 years old. Just 8% of the users are 65+ and you would not believe how successful someone at that age can be on a young platform like Instagram.

Well, Baddie is leading the way!

89-year-old Baddie Winkle has more than 3 Million followers on Instagram and steals youngsters the show. Regularly, she shares pictures in her funky outfit and inspires her followers with her cheerful and crazy character.

Despite her age, Baddie states that she is “forever killing the game”. No matter if her account seems exceptional or too silly, it is worth to doff one’s hat because this granny seems to be enjoying her life as a retiree to the fullest!

Yujia Hu (@theonigiriart)

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We all know that Instagram is a great source for food inspiration but Chinese artist Yujia Hu gives #foodporn a new meaning. He models celebrities, sneaker, comic figures and other objects out of Sushi.

This is not only exceptional but quite delicious art. Meanwhile, his works are so coveted that pictures of it can be purchased.

Due to the fact that the artist is mentioned by other large accounts like @popmyeyes (599k followers) and written about in Huffington Post, his organic Earned Media Value increases up to $70,000.

Well, good sushi has its price!

Mimi Choi (@mimles)

Any one in need of some inspiration for the next Halloween party? Former school teacher Mimi Choi from Canada knows how to create pretty but also spooky makeup.

The stunning surreal illusions she creates on herself have gone viral on Instagram. Her trippy effects are far more than just illusive fake flesh wounds.

The media metrics of her Instagram channel display that her content went viral in April when she gained a lot more followers on a daily basis. She shared postings quite frequently at that time.

The virality of the channel can also be observed by taking a look at her organic Earned Media Value which increased significantly from April to June 2017.

Kristi Loyall (@onefootwander)

The Instagram community is inspired and impressed by Kristi Loyall and her onefootwander – or to say better: One foot wonder?

Due to a rare cancer disorder, one foot of the 25-year-old American had to be amputated. Instead of grieving for her loss, the young woman asked to keep her foot – of course, it was cleaned before she was able to take it home.

She created an Instagram account for her special and now unattached limb and meanwhile shares her brave story with more than 18k followers on Instagram. Her followers love her postings and write encouraging comments to support her recovery.

Ludwik The Guinea Pig (@ludwik_guinea_pig)

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The last but not less crazy account of our top five is tiny in size but BIG on Instagram with more than 198k followers.

Ludwik is a naked guinea pig whose only hair is a mustache. He entertains his followers since June 2015 and is followed by people all around the globe. In his bio, he is described as “from zero to hero”, from an abandoned pet to an Instagram celebrity.

Our top five crazy Instagram channels show that not only baking champions, globetrotters or fashionistas are well-liked on the social media platform. Our metrics outline that marching to a different drummer and being a bit more exceptional can sometimes lead to success as well.

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