Fashion, Fitness, Foodie-Lover – October 2019’s Top 100 Trending Hashtags on Instagram in Q3 2019

Our quarterly list of the top Instagram 100 Instagram hashtags has arrived, courtesy of InfluencerDB’s leading in-house data science team! Which hashtags are leading the list? What do these hashtags suggest about greater Instagram trends? You can download the list here. Read on to review the newest hashtags and get context around which have been longtime favourites of the Instagram community.

Fine feathers make fine influencers

Fashion, fashion, fashion – the Instagram community seems obsessed with new outfits, styles and trending accessories. Per usual, #fashion holds first place and the all-time favourite #ootd ranks 6th in our top 100 trending hashtag list. While the hashtags stay the same, the content certainly evolves. Our Instagram community is getting ready for cozy cold days. From summer dresses to sweater weather: #fashion is bringing the fall hype and autumn colours back to Instagram. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect between-season jacket, NOW is the time to find the right inspiration before #ootd will show scarfs, gloves and winter coats.

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Fall hype 🧦🍂☕️

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Hands-up for an #Instagood trending hashtag

The Instagram community is as positive as ever! #love and #instagood are among the top 10 trending hashtags on our list. The hashtags #happy, #beautiful and #motivation seek to spread endless optimism. It’s worth noting that all four of these hashtags also appeared at a high rank on the last hashtag list we released. Will the positivity last through grey winter days? We’ll need to wait for our next top 100 hashtag list to see whether winter gets #igers moody.

Daily dose of #fitnessmotivation

The third big continuous trend keeps Instagrammers active and healthy with a variety of fitness inspiration. From marathon runners to weightlifters, outside of a run or sweating in the #gym, using #fit and #fitnessmotivation, people share their daily workout routine and track their own fitness progress.

Instagram’s feast for the eyes

Not a gym master but a kitchen chef? #foodporn jumped from rank 80 in our last list of top 100 trending hashtags to 69 this quarter. Proof enough that the community of food-lovers is just as big as the interest in fitness influencers. The self-identified #foodies inspire with everything that the heart wants: salad, pasta, cakes and cookies. The Instagram content for #instafood is just mouth-watering.

Want full insight? Download the entire list of top 100 trending hashtags in October 2019!