Grab Some #PlantPower: Top Vegan Influencers For Your Next Campaign

February. The holidays are over, yet spring still seems so far away. It’s a time almost universally recognized as miserable. For marketers, however, that may not be a bad thing. Because right now, you have a pretty good idea of how your customers feel: terrible. And that means you have an opportunity to help them feel better, perhaps by giving them inspiration to recommit to all those resolutions they made a month ago.

For many people, New Year’s resolutions include lifestyle goals like losing weight or eating more healthfully. If your brand is focused on healthy living, you might consider working with an influencer in the healthy eating or vegan niche. Vegan-focused Instagram accounts are often uplifting and positive– perfect for banishing the winter blues.

As the first in our occasional series profiling influencers who have excellent audience quality according to InfluencerDB, #TrueReach, we bring you 10 vegan influencers who rank best for audience quality and audience engagement. To learn more about our methods of analysis, read this blog how on how to analyze audience quality using InfluencerDB’s software platform.

The InfluencerDB platform shows an influencer’s audience quality in relation to how they perform against all other Instagram channels by grade (A/B/C/D/F) and percentage. In #TrueReach, we will report these statistics along with the approximate number of followers; these statistics are current at the time of the blog post publication.


Miss_gruenkern is the account of food blogger Ronja, and, with an extraordinary quality grade of 94 % (A), she is our number one vegan influencer. On top of that, miss_gruenkern also boasts a great Like-Follower Ratio of 6 %.

Miss_Gruenkern’s audience quality score on InfluencerDB

The German food photographer creates beautiful images, presenting her food in an almost artistic way. She uses dark backgrounds that contrast with the bright colors of the sumptuous food she photographs. Ronja is the perfect inspiration for berry lovers, posting recipes for blueberry waffles, raspberry mug cakes, and even a sandwich topped with blackberries and strawberries. And for those who might not have a sweet tooth, the account also features vegan recipes for burgers, pasta, and pizza.



Nordic countries always seem to have something magical about them. And magic is exactly what we find on vanelja, the account of Finnish author Virpi Mikkonen. The account focuses on natural, dairy- and mostly gluten-free food. Mikkonen uses high-quality ingredients and avoids using sugar in her recipes. Her followers are treated to images of beautiful smoothies, cakes, and cupcakes.

Pink and purple blueberry swirls, avocado stars and apple clouds literally are the icing on the cake.

Mikkonen has written several books, including “N’ice Cream,” a collection of vegan ice cream recipes, and her blog won the award for “Best Food Blog” at the “Blog Awards Finland” in 2017.


Elavegan is the account of Michael “Ela” Vais and her vegan Instagram account earned an A grade in our audience quality ranking. Originally from Germany, the food blogger now lives in the US and posts a variety of mouth-watering dishes ranging from savory treats to sweet desserts. There’s definitely something for every taste!

Ela became a vegetarian when she was only 6 years old and has been living completely vegan for more than 7 years. The creativity and variety in her dishes showcase her years of experience. Some of her partnerships include the fitness food brand @foodspring and the nutrition supplement brand


If your customers are looking for more savory fare and everyday meals, frommybowl might be a good influencer to partner with. Caitlin, the creator of frommybowl is passionate about food, especially healthy, local and vegan recipes. Looks are less important, but she still produces mouth-watering images. With recipes ranging from sweet potato quesadillas to vegan Pad Thai, Caitlin has something for every taste. In addition to her vegan recipes, her posts about her fitness and yoga workouts may appeal to those pursuing a healthy lifestyle. With a follower growth of 5.95 %, Caitlin might have found the recipe for success.


The vegan Instagram community seems to be dominated by female influencers, but there are some excellent male vegan influencers out there. Edgarraw is one of them, and his account is likely to appeal to anyone who enjoys delicious recipes and beautifully and artistically arranged images.  His food photos are unique for the wooden tables and trays on which he presents the food. With the dark colors of the surroundings combined with the intense colors of the food, he creates a very distinct atmosphere.

His dishes are mainly inspired by the Asian, Mediterranean and Hispanic cuisine.


Many Instagram users are drawn to accounts that share stories of personal growth and transformation. After realizing that her career as a lawyer didn’t make her happy at all, Nisha started traveling around the world and discovered her passion for food and blogging. In her pursuit of becoming a healthier and happier person, Nisha became a vegan and started blogging about it. That’s when she started her vegan Instagram account rainbowplantlife. As the name implies, she posts recipes and images in all the colors of the rainbow – from pastel purple to bright blue (the blue is courtesy of blue Matcha powder).

It seems like Nisha’s posts often follow a certain color theme, depending on the season. Autumn posts feature light yellow to bright orange, while her winter recipes include blue and white food images. To match the color scheme she even makes sure her clothes or the color of her nail polish fits the colors of the images.


InfluencerDB Analysis of Audience Quality for Rainbowplantlife

Her followers seem to love her attention to detail and aesthetics–Nisha’s account has a follower growth of 7.41 %.


While lenaliciously is still small in terms of follower count, her professional food images and enticing recipes make her account one of the best out there. She also has a B (80%) quality grade– quite a high mark. Her recipes consist of a mixture of desserts for sweet lovers, vegan breakfast inspirations, and amazing main dishes that include some noteworthy chickpea recipes. Lena is publishing her first cookbook this spring full of creative vegan recipes. So make sure to check out her Instagram account for the ultimate vegan inspiration.


Jo is another vegan influencer who quit her career to spend her time on food blogging full-time. On her blog, she reveals that she had struggled with eating disorders during her teenage years and tried many different diets before she discovered veganism and the healthy, plant-based lifestyle she lives now. Her account might be particularly appealing to those who have adopted a healthy lifestyle to address mental and physical health issues.  Jo focuses on whole foods and has completely banned processed food and refined sugar from her daily meals. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find any sweet treats on the Australian’s Instagram account though.

Jo loves to create new recipes and it seems like she has a special preference for chocolatey sweet desserts. Fitness addicts may enjoy Jo’s occasional fitness posts, as well.


Choosingchia is a vegan influencer from Canada. For Jess, the woman behind choosingchia, everything revolves around healthy eating. For her, that means veganism, and her recipes focus on a plant-based, vegan and gluten-free diet.

Her Instagram account is a colorful explosion of Buddha bowls, waffle and cheesecake variations, and, of course, chia puddings. As an influencer, she has teamed up with brands such as @kitchenaid_ca and the all natural, non-GMO supplement brand @genuinehealth.


InfluencerDB Audience Quality Analysis for Choosingchia

Her posts are also frequently featured on the account of fitness influencer @kayla_itsines (8.8m followers) and on food accounts like @beautifulcuisines (1.2m followers) and @thefeedfeed (1.4m followers).


Thrivingonplants is the account of 19-year old Cherie Tu. She started her journey to a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle when she was only 15 years old. Cherie is based in Sydney, and her vegan food images almost feel like having sunny Australia weather on a plate. She’s using a lot of fresh veggies and fruits that will make your mouth water.

 Eco-conscious followers may appreciate Cherie’s advice on reducing kitchen plastic and draw inspiration from the glass jars and wooden tableware she uses instead. Cherie already has partnerships with the Australian dairy-free brand @sogoodau and supports the campaign @girlsmakeyourmove by the Australian government to encourage and empower young women to engage in activities and sports that they really enjoy. Cherie has another account, @cherietu, where she shares her fitness journey.